The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
Welcome to the Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Chapter section of the website
As Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, let me welcome you to the official site of the Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Chapter. You will be able to find information relating to our Chapters and their meetings, the charities we support and upcoming events, as well as other items of interest.
Freemasonry has been practised in Oxfordshire for over 300 years, from not just within the city and university, but across many of the county's towns from as far south as Henley on Thames to Banbury in the north.
Throughout those 300 years, Freemasonry has adapted and changed to reflect the many great and social changes that have formed the bedrock of our present day society.
During these years, our fraternal society has comfortably retained many of its great traditions and remained true to our core beliefs, primary amongst which is that of extending the hand of friendship and assistance to those less fortunate not just here in Oxfordshire, but throughout the country at large and the world beyond.
We are open to "all men of all ages", who wish simply to challenge develop and discover more about themselves, and in that journey find new friends, and to enjoy and embrace an opportunity to bring hope and happiness to those less fortunate.
If you think this is for you and can step up to that high mark, then please do contact us, you will be as all are, most welcome and I am confident you will not be disappointed.
MEGS's Installation Address
M.E.Comp. James R.G. Hilditch.
Grand Superintendent.
Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra
The Grand Superintendent appoints his Provincial Grand Chapter Team
The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Oxfordshire, James Robert Guy Hilditch is pleased to announce the following appointments and promotions that will be conferred upon the recipients at this year's Provincial Annual Convocation to be held at Heythrop Park Resort, Enstone, Oxon OX7 5UE on Thursday 28th March at 11am.
The MEGS congratulates each Companion who will be receiving honours, which have been earned due to hard work and commitment either to their own individual Chapter or to the Province in general and he hopes that as many Companions as possible will take the opportunity to attend and join their friends and Companions to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
Active Officers 2019
Deputy Grand SuperintendentE.C.Les Steward9509, 7770
Pr Grand HaggaiE.C.Andy Pickwick9233, 7770
Pr Grand JoshuaE.C.Christopher J Cox8690, 7770
Pr Grand Scribe EzraE.C.Andrew K. O'Sullivan3831, 7770
Pr Grand Scribe NehamiahE.C.David A Greig1763
Pr Grand TreasurerE.C.Mark G Baker9509
Pr Grand RegistrarE.C.Thomas J Byrne9509
Pr Grand Director of CeremoniesE.C.Alan Baverstock1763, 7770
Pr Grand Sword BearerE.C.James W Flinn3015
Pr Dep. Grand Dir of CeremoniesE.C.Nicholas A Carter1895, 7770
Pr Grand AlmonerE.C.John W Stanley1703, 7770
Pr Grand Charity StewardE.C.Alan N Dishington1895
Pr Grand SojournerE.C.Eric P Warmington2334
Pr 1st Ass. Grand SojE.C.A John Lewis8904
Pr 2nd Ass. Grand SojE.C.John Whitehead8904
Pr Ass Grand Scribe EzraE.C.Finlay N Gordon1703, 2951
Pr Grand Std BearerE.C.Philip N Horton1703
Pr Grand OrganistC.Alan T Smith1703
Pr Ass G Dir of CeremoniesE.C.Paul Tweney2414
Pr Grand StewardE.C.Martin P Green9509
Pr Grand StewardC.Walter B Hughes5723
Pr Grand JanitorE.C.Nigel C Payne599
First Appointment to Past Rank
Past Pr Grand Standard BearerE.C.William Winn2414
Past Pr Grand Standard BearerE.C.Peter J Larner8690
Promotion to Past Rank
Past Pr Grand RegistrarE.CRaymond G Claridge3015
Past Pr Grand RegistrarE.CJames G Hurst1895
Past Pr Grand RegistrarE.CDavid G Kew1763, 7770
Past Pr Grand Sword BearerE.C.T Martin Strong3831
Past Pr Grand Sword BearerE.C.James Bell8690
Past Pr Grand Sword BearerE.C.Sandys M Dockrey9223, 7770
Past Pr Grand Sword BearerE.CJohn W Woolley1763
Past Pr Grand Sword BearerCBarry E Way2414
Past Pr Grand SojournerE.CMatthew W M Delnevo2414
Past Pr Grand SojournerE.CPeter Hill1036
Past Pr Grand SojournerE.CKenneth Johnson9233
Past Pr Grand SojournerE.CPhilip E Hiles2414
 E.Comp. Andrew K. O'Sullivan.
 Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra.
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