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The Masonic Charitable Foundation
Charity Giving Evening 2018
02 Dec 2018
The 48 Hour Charity Carp Fest Fish-a-thon - Supporting the MCF & Steps
17 Oct 2018
The 48 hour Charity Carp Fest Fish-a-Thon
in support of the 2022 Oxfordshire MCF Festival & Steps National Charity
Pimlico Farm Tusmore
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October 2018
(L-R) Richard Bartram, Keith Harvey, Rick Quinlan and Martin Cody
I must have been mulling over trying to get a fishing event set up for ages when it dawned on me that time was running out for this year. August is a little late to be trying to put this kind of thing together but I thought I would chance it so called up John Harper, the owner of Pimlico Farm Fisheries, as I have know him for over 20 years now. John has been a supporter of other charity events that I have been involved with so I knew he might help me out. I wasn't disappointed as he was only too helpful so we set a date of Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October. That gave me just enough time to get the ball rolling so I had to move pretty quick. Charity Masonic Charitable Foundation fundraising page set up and Steps National Charity sponsorship forms at the ready my trusty partner and old army mate Rick Quinlan set to work in getting the word out. We were also joined by Bro's Richard Bartam and Martin Cody from Weyland Lodge so that made four split into two teams of two. A bit of friendly competition doesn't do any harm at all so they were tasked with raising £100 minimum each onwards our target of £500. They duly did that impressively as it turned out.
Martin (L) with one of his fishy friends, a common carp of around
10lbs and Richard (R) with a nice mirror carp around the same weight
On the Thursday before I put out signs where we had permission to set up as we didn't want to be asking members of the public to move on Friday morning and a notice was posted in the fishing barn on the farm just in case. There were no dramas on that point so we duly arrived, got set up and started promptly at 10 o'clock.
Rick (L) had the first and biggest fish of the weekend, a
common carp at 19lbs 8ozs. Keith's (R) best fish went 14lbs
The fishing was slow at the start but fish started to come fairly regularly throughout the 48 hours, day and night. The weather changed from warm and pleasant to wet and windy and we even had frost and ice early on the Sunday morning.
It's throwing it down on Saturday and freezing cold the following morning!
Long story short Richard and Martin totalled 234lbs 4ozs and Rick and myself 212bs 12ozs. Mostly common and mirror carp ranging from 19lbs 8ozs down to around 8lbs.
I had the honour of (a) the last fish caught at a few minutes to 10 o'clock on the Sunday and (b) a trip to A & E at the Horton Hospital with a size 8 hook through my finger!
Despite that it was a very successful, if tiring and a little worse for the weather, weekend with £570+ for the MCF and £200 for Steps. We will be doing something like it again next year!
Tight Lines!
W.Bro. Keith Harvey
Provincial Grand Mentor (Oxon)
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