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Children with Autism and Dogs for Good benefit from £60,000 grant
10 Dec 2017
Forty Oxfordshire families with children with an autism diagnosis are set to benefit from a generous £60,000 grant from the Oxfordshire Freemasons. They are part of 150 children who will benefit nationwide. The grant has been awarded to Dogs for Good – an Oxfordshire-based charity which makes life changing differences to people with disabilities.
The grant, which will be used over the course of three years, will go directly into the PAWS Family Dog workshops run by Dogs for Good. The workshops give advice and support to help families with a child with autism get the most out of their relationship with their family dog.
The series of three, one-day workshops use a combination of practical demonstrations, discussions, hands-on learning and course hand-outs to demonstrate the significant positive effect a well-trained dog can have on the behaviour and development of autistic children.
(L-R) Alison Pearce and family dog Harvey, Andrew Keech from Oxfordshire Freemasons and Dogs for Good demo dog, Fidget and Dogs for Good PAWS Family Dog Instructor, Robbie Campbell
A well-trained family dog can assist both child and parents in several important ways:
 Companionship – a dog can provide a positive, calming influence on an autistic child; helping to reduce the impact and frequency of anxiety-related “meltdowns” which accompany autism
 Role model – children with autism can learn about life essentials such as personal hygiene from understanding how important it is to groom their dog or brush its teeth
 Development of motor skills – joint laxity and other autism-related conditions can be aided by walking and grooming the dog as well as game playing and throwing a ball
 Improving family relations – bonding with the dog gives an autistic child the confidence to engage with family members
 Motivation – a child with autism can feel safer going out for a walk, visiting new places or even going to bed by having a dog by their side
Following on from the workshops, attendees can access further support from Dogs for Good by telephone and email as well as special advanced workshops for those who require it. There is also an online forum for parents helping them to share experiences.
Since the workshops were introduced at Dogs for Good’s Banbury centre, nearly 1000 families have attended, with 75 per cent now working with a family dog. Furthermore, 550 families are expected to benefit over the next three years.
The grant from Oxfordshire Freemasons comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is funded by Freemasons, their families and friends, from across England and Wales.
Oxford-based Alison Pearce, whose daughter has benefitted from the service said:
At the first workshop, I was amazed by the many ways in which a pet dog could be trained to help an autistic child and how this would benefit my daughter. I sat there thinking "this could be life-changing". It was also beneficial to meet and talk to other parents of children with autism. I remember thinking "I'm not alone, these people really understand."
   The help from Dogs for Good doesn't just end after the course. We have continuing support and advice from the Dogs for Good team, and the help my daughter receives from her dog continues to increase.
Peter Gorbing, Chief Executive at Dogs for Good said:
This generous grant from the Oxfordshire Freemasons will help us to make a life-changing difference to more than 150 children with autism, and their families, nationwide. The workshops are always over-subscribed, so it's fantastic to have secured this funding over the next three years.
Andrew Keech from Oxfordshire Freemasons said:
I'm very pleased we're able to help Dogs for Good who do such wonderful work with autistic children and their families. Thanks to them, many hundreds of people have seen a huge improvement in their quality of life.
Oxfordshire Freemasons Annual Charity Giving Evening
13 Nov 2017
Annual Charity Giving Evening
Oxfordshire Freemasons held their "Annual Charity Giving Evening" at the Woodstock Masonic Centre on Monday 13th November 2017. The evening was hosted by the R.W.Bro. James Hilditch, Provincial Grand Master assisted by V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Graham Ellis, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and W.Bro. Andrew Keech, Provincial Grand Charity Steward. Representatives of the Charities that Oxfordshire Freemasons have made donations were invited to attend. The principal organiser of the evening W.Bro. Andrew Keech assisted by W.Bro. Roger Hampshire introduced the representatives of the charities and Masonic Lodges. The representatives of each charity were presented with a cheque for the funds raised by the individual Masonic Lodges and invited to give a presentation on the work of their organisation. During the evening £9,200 was donated to Oxfordshire and National Charity Organisations that serve the local communities in Oxfordshire. Over the past twelve months Oxfordshire Masonic Lodges have donated over £68,000 to local charities.  
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Organisations receiving donations
Kidney Research UK
Florence Nightingale Hospice
The Ashgate Hospice, Chesterfield, Derby
Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group
Oxford Children's Hospital
Canine Partners
Pantomime Project
Autism Family Support Oxfordshire
Crossroads Care
Riding for the Disabled
2nd Abingdon Scout Group
Wheel Power
St. Barbara Lodge No. 7701: W.Bro. Dale Osborne, Jess Willsher (MIND, UK),
Irene Craft, W.Bro. Martin Craft and W.Bro. Graham Ellis
St. Mary's Lodge No. 1763: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, W.Bro. Nick Carter, W.Bro. Dodge Hathaway, Sue Jenkins (Florence Nightingale Hospice) Simon Hathaway, Donna Hathaway and W.Bro. David Hunt
Regattas Lodge No. 9660: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, W.Bro. David Reeves and
W.Bro. Paul Denison-Edson (the lodge donated £750 to The Ashgate Hospice)
Bertie Lodge No. 1515: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, John Grundy (Chairman of Oxfordshire
Prostate Cancer Support) and W.Bro. Alan Bovingdon-Cox
Bertie Lodge No. 1515: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, Marianne Julebin (OCCTOPUS) and Bro. Kenneth Alway
Bertie Lodge No. 1515: W.Bro. Adrian Barlow, Penny Hambridge
(Oxford Children's Hospital) and W.Bro. Graham Ellis
Bertie Lodge No. 1515: Rosemary Pocock with Quintus receiving a
cheque on behalf of Canine Partners from W.Bro. Thomas Percey
Round Table Thames Valley Lodge No. 9697: W.Bro. Graham Ellis and W.Bro. Neal Spencer receiving
a cheque on behalf of the Pantomime Project from W. Bro Steven Dumper
Hampden Lodge No. 6920: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, Lisa Hanton (Restore) and W.Bro. Vaughan Humphries
Hampden Lodge No. 6920: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, Gita Lobo (Autism Family
Support, Oxfordshire) and W.Bro. Vaughan Humphries
Gateway Lodge No. 8501: W.Bro. Bill Butcher, Evelyne Gaussounou
(Crossroads Care) and W.Bro. Graham Ellis
Oxnaford Lodge No. 6691: W.Bro. Paul Buck, Bro. Michael Augar, Joyce Doughty
(RDA, Abingdon) and W.Bro. Graham Ellis
Oxfordshire Masonic Golf Society: W.Bro. Paul Buck, Bro. Michael Augar,
John Gledhill (2nd Abingdon Scout Group) and W.Bro. Graham Ellis
Icknield Way Lodge No. 8292: W.Bro. Graham Ellis, W.Bro. Richard Florio,
Martin McElhatton (Wheelpower UK) and W.Bro. David Williams
Teddies for Loving Care Charity
18 Nov 2017
Teddies for Loving Care was introduced in Oxfordshire in 2002. Distressed children in the A & E department of the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford receive a bear as a comfort to help them cope with their stay. So far over 17,000 bears have been issued and this cost is borne by the Provincial charity fund. The fantastic impact of the scheme is highlighted in the following quote from one of the A & E nurses:-
Will you please pass on my thanks for the latest delivery of Teddies. I can't imagine working in this department without teddies, they are a lifesaver to the staff, from offering comfort to a distressed child or rewarding for brave behaviour or for things done well. They always bring a smile to the children's faces and they take great delight in choosing which colour they want. They are an essential part of the smooth running of the children's emergency department.
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