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Oxfordshire Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity - Summary of 2018
02 December 2018
Before writing my report for 2018 I was wondering, how do I define the past year?
I guess there are many and varied ways we could measure it and all sorts of factors to take into account, for example: - Did our participants enjoy themselves?
Did they catch plenty of fish?
Were they smiling when they left us, which after all has always been one of our prime objectives!
As our guests leave to return to school we always get a thank you and occasionally a letter or an e mail would arrive afterwards, so I thought the following which we received after our April event would in part provide some of the answers!
Jeff Webb's youngster has a "curved rod" always a good sign.
Could I thank The Masonic Fishing Charity for organising and hosting yesterday's event at Milton Pools. The venue was ideal providing a safe and easy access to the lake and associated swims. Clearly the lake was well stocked providing the opportunity for all students to catch fish and in doing so achieve a measure of success.
What a big one!
I am grateful to the volunteers for providing their time and tackle and for so willingly supporting the students. Their input certainly contributed to the success of the day.
Meeting new and different people is always a challenge for some of our students. The event had a social dimension and provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet students from other schools as well as other adults.
I was impressed by the level of social interaction and the pleasure gained from students learning alongside their instructors.
A tremendous day with a perfect blend of sport, social discourse, and tasty food and drink!
Concentrating on the job in hand!
Thank you so much for providing the opportunity.
Regards and best wishes,
Kevin Larsen, Sixth Form Lead at John Watson Special School Oxford.
Jim Webster, leaving them to it.
This year we kept to our well tried and tested plan, running two Coarse Fishing Events in April and October respectively at Milton Pools. Many thanks once again to the Milton Team for the tremendous support and excellent food provided by Val, Ray and Antony. Campbell’s Lake never lets us down with specimen fish including Common Carp; some fishermen always stay on to fish after the guests have left to relax and wind down for a couple of hours before heading home.
We're well pleased with this one!
Then our Fly Fishing Event in early May at Darlow always provides a challenge, but although it was warm and sunny 15 trout were caught and several taken to enjoy back at school. Thanks as always to the Farmoor Fly Fishing Club for their preparation before the event and allowing us access to this splendid fishery!
Angus Campbell helping to support a bent rod!
Schools we entertained this year included:
 -Lord Williams School Thame
 -John Watson School Oxford
 -Meadowbrook College Oxford
 -Kingfisher School Abingdon
 -Fizwaryn School Wantage
 -Ifley Academy Oxford
 -Kingfisher School Abingdon
 -Marlborough School Woodstock
Two happy people, thanks Tony!
Thanks must go to all those fishermen and helpers who turned out this year, many of whom are not Freemasons, but like us want to help those in our community less fortunate than we are. In addition since joining our band of fishermen 2 years ago Matthew Fisher has kindly donated a fishing reel to each of our participants at the Milton Pools events. This we believe is a great incentive for them to begin fishing on a regular basis. So in recognition of his support and in conjunction with Stuart Jenkins (who provides all the wonderful pictures), we decided to present him with the John Jenkin's * Memorial Rose Bowl.
A very nice Trout!
By the way, if you are a fisherman reading this report and wonder if you can help us, please get in touch. It's inevitably a struggle rounding up enough fishermen and helpers from our list of regulars, many of whom still work or have to other commitments. You will need to have a DBS, but I can arrange this very easily. We can guarantee you will get a warm welcome from all, especially so from our young participants many of whom will not have fished before!
Jim Webster getting in on the act once again!
The Charity is now active in most English Counties and once signed up you could have a day out helping in a neighbouring county where they also can always use extra help.
Waiting for the presentations.
Thanks once again to the Province of Oxfordshire for their continued support in making all this possible, to the PGM James Hilditch and Tony Taylor PPrSGW for coming along and spending considerable time with the youngsters before carrying out their presentation duties.
Stuart Jenkins, James Hilditch and Matthew Fisher with the Commemorative Rose Bowl
In addition, without the ongoing help of Alan Meech Schools Liaison Officer and Dean Casey Health & Safety Officer, we could not continue to run these events.
James Hilditch PGM making a presentation.
It's now 10 years since I accepted the role of Oxfordshire Events Organiser. In that time we have been fortunate to take hundreds of Special Needs young people out to experience the joys of angling. It's my hope that many have remembered the experience and taken up the sport!
John Stanley,
West Central Regional Co-ordinator and Oxfordshire Event Organiser.
* The Rose Bowl donated by Stuart in memory of his late father W.Bro. John Jenkins PPrSGW
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The Oxfordshire Masonic Golf Society is back!
Mike Augar has accepted the challenge to resurrect the Oxfordshire Masonic Golf Society and is keen to hear from any of those brethren involved with the original society, together with any other brethren from around the Province that like to "Spoil a good walk", as attributed to Mark Twain.
If you were an original member and are interested in seeing the society up and running again or would be interested in getting involved in any way from helping to run the society or simply playing golf, please drop Mike Augar an email below.
Oxfordshire Masonic Golfing Society
Founded 1945
Objectives of the Society:
  1. To provide an opportunity for Brethren to meet outside masonry and for Masons, whether golfers or not, to meet their Brethren socially.
  2. To promote friendly rivalry between Lodges in this and other Provinces and thus promote further support for Masonic Charities.
  3. To arrange inter-Lodge and inter-Provincial matches throughout the year.
  4. To welcome non-Masonic guests to join in the appropriate meetings to further spread the good name of the Craft.
Brethren wishing to join the Society can obtain membership forms and fixture details from the Secretary.
Oxfordshire Masonic Social Club