Oxfordshire Provincial Grand Lodge
Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers to common questions below.

:: What is a Festival?
:: How is our 2022 Festival Appeal organised?
:: What involvement does the Provincial Office and Secretariat have in the Festival?
:: So, if I need help and advice on Festival matters, where do I go?
:: I am a Lodge Charity Steward, how do I contact the Group Festival Committee?
:: I would like to arrange a Festival Talk for my Lodge, how do I arrange it?
:: The Festival is for the MCF, but what exactly does it do?
:: How can I donate?
:: What is meant by the term "Gift-Aiding"?
:: What are the rules relating to gift-aiding?
:: As an Individual what can I do?
:: Is there a target for the Province as a whole?
:: Will there be league tables?
:: How much am I as an individual expected to give?
:: How can I maximise the effect of my own giving?
:: What happens to the money in my Gift Aid Envelope?
:: What are the advantages of using Gift Aid Envelopes for the Lodge Charity Collection?
:: What about one-off or single donations?
:: My Lodge has run out of forms and envelopes – how do I obtain more?
:: How much is my Lodge expected to give?
:: How will Lodges' efforts be recognised and when?
:: How will individual giving be recognised?
:: At what point may I be entitled to the award of a jewel?
:: Where can I find more information as the Festival progresses?
:: Will donations to non-Masonic causes be suspended during the Festival?
:: Why can Raffle money not be Gift Aided?
:: I don't pay income tax or capital gains tax, what do I do if my Lodge uses GA Envelopes?
:: I don't want the Charity Steward or Treasurer to know my tax situation, what do I do?
:: How will the end of the Festival appeal be celebrated and when?
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