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Festival Address at Provincial Grand Lodge
15 Oct 2018
Festival Address at Provincial Grand Lodge
Brethren can I commence by saying a big thank you to all those who have already donated or pledged money to our 2022 Festival. So far you have raised over £400k, a tremendous amount.
As you are aware the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) was established in April 2016 as the umbrella organisation that replaced the four previous Masonic charities that have existed for many years.
The objective of the foundation is to build better lives by enhancing opportunity, advancing healthcare and education, and promoting independence for Freemasons, their families and the wider communities.
They, the MCF, provide life changing support through a combination of financial grants, practical assistance and advice. International, national and local charities all benefit.
Last year it is estimated that the MCF awarded over £40m to various charities.
On a local scale, seven people from Oxfordshire, have, in the last three months been supported by the MCF.
In the past twelve months the Foundation has supported 40 people in our Province with grants totalling over £83k. This equates to supporting 1.3 people per Lodge in the Province.
And since 1st April 2017 the MCF have received 32 new enquiries for help from Oxfordshire Freemasons.
Over £424k has been allocated by the MCF in the past five years to support Oxfordshire Freemasons and their families. If we wish this level of support to continue we need to ensure that sufficient funds are available. This is where, we as individuals can play our part. Our Festival is our contribution.
Currently only 23% of our members have signed up for a direct debit or have made a one off donation.
Please look into your hearts and see if we can improve on this.
What you have achieved so far is very commendable, however we all need to consider if we, as individuals, and if circumstances allow, have made our own contribution.
We all wear the tie, and some of us wear the jewel. Now is the time to practise charity, a core principle of our organisation. If we really believe in the value of Freemasonry, every single one of us should be making a donation.
Please go back to your Lodges and encourage your members to make a commitment.
Brethren, the money you have already donated has changed lives. Let’s see if together we can change a few more.
W.Bro. Graham P. Ellis, Assistant Provincial Grand Master
St Edburg's Lodge No 9233 Installation Meeting
30 Sep 2018
W.Bro Graham Peter Ellis APGM presented a Silver Award Certificate on behalf of the PGM to the newly Installed WM Adrian Floyd of the St Edburg's Lodge for their support in aid of the MCF Festival.
Upper Thames Lodge Installation Meeting
17 Sep 2018
On Friday 14th September W.Bro Dan Coppock was Installed as Master of the Upper Thames Lodge. With good support from members of other Henley Lodges, as well as many other visitors, a great atmosphere was created within the Lodge room. A full temple witnessed a very smooth ceremony followed by a high spirited festive board.
W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW and W.Bro. Mike Smail PrJGW escorted by W.Bro. Sonny Timms PrDGDC represented the Province at a very enjoyable meeting. A busy agenda also saw the Lodge present a cheque to the "Pantomime Project" for the value of £500.
(L-R) W.Bro John Luker (PSGD, PPrAGM), VW. Bro Phillip Purves (PGSwdB), W. Bro Chris Wagstaff (PrSGD),
W. Bro Dan Coppock, VW. Bro Mark Harwood (PGSwdB, PPrDGM), W. Bro Graham Ellis (PrAGM, PJGD),
W. Bro Chris Beckley (PrSGW) and W. Bro Michael Smail (PrJGW)
W.Bro Brian McDonald (left) and W. Bro Chris Date (right), on behalf of the Pantomine Project,
pictured receiving a cheque from the Upper Thames Lodge for £500.
It was presented to them by W.Bro Dan Coppock (centre) the newly Installed Master
A warm Semper Paratus welcome on a cold night
02 Mar 2018
A wonderful installation ceremony at the Semper Paratus Lodge No. 3015 was held on 28th February where W.Bro. Bob Greenwell was installed into the chair by W.Bro. Julian Salcombe.
The ceremony was followed by a very enjoyable and entertaining festive board where over seventy brethren attended including 31 visitors.
A very generous cheque was presented to the PSGW by the WM for the 2022 festival.
The evening was witnessed by a good number of active provincial officers led by W.Bro. Chris Beckley who was representing the RWPrGM and included W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins PrGSec, W.Bro. Peter Smith PrGOrg, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd and W.Bro. Bob Swanton PrAGDC escorting.
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM
(L-R) W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins, W.Bro. Peter Smith, W.Bro. Chris Beckley, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM,
W.Bro. Julian Salcombe IPM, W.Bro. Yanto Evans and W.Bro. Bob Swanton
Cherwell Lodge Installation
18 Feb 2018
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer, together with the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Mike Smail and The Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Bernie Wegerhoff escorted by W.Bro. Sonny Timms, the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and together with a number of other Provincial Officers, enjoyed an excellent evening, with the DPGM being presented with a cheque from the Lodge for the MCF 2022 Festival and also being asked to present several Brethren with their festival jewels.
(L-R) W.Bro. Peter Larner (PPrJGD), W.Bro. Yanto Evans (PrGStwd), W.Bro. Michael Smail (PrJGW),
V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer (DPGM), W.Bro. George Ayers (WM), W.Bro. Peter James (IPM),
W.Bro. Bernd Wegerhoff (PrAGSec), W.Bro. Nigel Payne (PrGTyler), W.Bro. Bob Murton (PPrGStB)
Old Bloxhamist Lodge Enjoy Excellent Installation Ceremony
17 Dec 2017
The Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. James Robert Guy Hilditch accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Graham Ellis, W.Bro. Mike Smail PrJGW, W.Bro. Chris Date PrSGD, W.Bro. Peter Smith PrGOrg, W.Bro. Swaylie Forest PrGStdB & W.Bro. Ewan Gordon PrGStwd & escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Chris Wagstaff WM / PrSGD, install W.Bro. Robert Thompson as Master of the Old Bloxhamist Lodge in an excellent manner & in his own unique style. The new WM then superbly appointed & invested his officers for the year, explaining their responsibilities with great aplomb.
To cap off an excellent meeting the lodge Charity Steward W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd then presented a cheque for the tremendous sum of £6000 to the chairman of the 2022 festival, W.Bro. Graham Ellis APrGM, who received it with great pleasure.
The evening was rounded off by a very enjoyable & jovial festive board at the Chipping Norton Masonic Centre, the highlights of which were an excellent response by the newly installed WM & the sight of the PrGOrg W.Bro. Peter Smith taking part in a 'Steeplechase' challenge to reach the piano in order to provide the music for return grace.
(L-R) W.Bro. Mike Smail (PrJGW), W.Bro. Yanto Evans (JW/ Ch Stwd/ PrGStwd), W.Bro. Graham Ellis (APGM),
W.Bro. Chris Wagstaff (IPM/ PrSGD), W.Bro. Robert Thompson (WM), R.W.Bro. James Hilditch (PGM),
Bro. Chris Gasson (SW), W.Bro. Chris Date (SGD), W.Bro. Peter Smith (PrGOrg),
W.Bro. Swaylie Forest (PrGStdB), W.Bro. Ewan Gordon (PrGStwd)
(L-R) W.Bro. Yanto Evans (JW/ Ch Stwd/ PrGStwd), W.Bro. Graham Ellis (APGM/ Festival Chairman),
W.Bro. Robert Thompson (WM), R.W.Bro. James Hilditch (PGM)
Shiplake Lodge No. 7942 Third Degree & Charity Donations
19 Oct 2017
On Tuesday 17th October Shiplake Lodge raised Bro. Grant Perrin to a Master Mason. The ceremony was carried out by the Worshipful Master, Colin Creegan.
Bro. Eddie Brown presented the Exhortation, the Charge and an excellent rendition of the Third Degree Walking Charge.
W.Bro. Seward presented the Traditional History, W.Bro. Steve Gadd the Tracing Board and W.Bro. Derek Elliott the Working Tools.
Following the recent donation of £6,000 to the 2022 Festival, Gareth Propert-Lewis (Bro. Secretary) gave notice of motion that the Lodge donate £1,000 to "Thrive".
Thrive is the Worshipful Master's chosen local charity which "uses gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health, or who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable".
This is money raised at the very successful garden party held during the summer.
The next meeting of Shiplake Lodge will be the Installation of Bro. Cliff Rance as Worshipful Master on Monday 16th April 2018 when all are invited to attend.
Festival Jewels Presented at Regattas Lodge
25 Jul 2017
At the recent Regattas Lodge meeting the Lodge Visiting Officer, W.Bro. Roy Simmonds, entertained the brethren with one or two thoughts on jewels and medals in general and then proceeded to present Festival Patron jewels to the WM (W.Bro. Dr David Reeves) and Bro Secretary (W.Bro. Paul Denison-Edson). W.Bro. Dowdney was unfortunately not present to receive his jewel.
During the evening it was announced that at the October meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge W.Bro. Huw Shooter would receive his first (Oxfordshire) appointment to the rank of PPrGSwdB, that W.Bro. David Jenkin would be appointed PPrJGD and that W.Bro. Mark Nixon would be promoted to PPrSGD.
(L-R) W.Bro. Roy Simmonds (Visiting Officer), W.Bro. Paul Denison-Edson (Secretary),
W.Bro. Dr David Reeves (WM) and W.Bro. Alan Knowles, APrGM
St Edburg's Celebrate 30 Years With Double Raising
24 Jul 2017
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Alan Knowles accompanied by W.Bro. Graham Ellis (PrGChStwd), W.Bro. Roy (Sonny) Timms (PrAGDC) and W.Bro. Graham Scothern (PrGStdB), escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Kevin Hilton (WM) very ably assisted by officers of the lodge raise Bro's Owen & Carder to the sublime degree of Master Masons.
The lodge also presented a cheque for the significant sum of £5,000 to W.Bro. Graham Ellis (PrGChStwd) to go to the 2022 festival. W.Bro. Ellis thanked St.Edburg's for its very generous donation.
The meeting was special as St Edburg's lodge was celebrating its 30th year since its consecration on 25th July 1987, with two of its founder members present - W.Bro's Andy Gordon & Bert Hough.
The evening was rounded off by a very enjoyable festive board at the Bicester Masonic Centre.
(L-R) W.Bro. Graham Ellis (PrGChStwd), W.Bro. Graham Scothern (PrGStdB), W.Bro. Kevin Hilton (WM),
Bro. Rick Owen, Bro. Michael Carder, W.Bro. Alan Knowles (APGM), W.Bro. Sonny Timms (PrAGDC)
(L-R) Bro. Rick Owen, W.Bro. Graham Ellis (PrGChStwd), W.Bro. Ron George (ChStwd),
W.Bro. Kevin Hilton (WM), Bro. Michael Carder
Twenty members of Shiplake Lodge receive a 2022 Festival Steward's Jewel
13 Jul 2017
At the meeting of Shiplake Lodge No. 7942 on Monday 19th June, W.Bro. Graham Ellis (Provincial Grand charity Steward) presented 2022 Festival Steward's jewels to twenty active members of the Lodge. This followed a donation to the Festival of £6,000 by the Lodge.
W.Bro. Graham Ellis thanked the Lodge for their excellent start to the Festival.
Following the presentation Bro. Brad Cumbers and Bro. Grant Perrin were Passed to the Second Degree by the Worshipful Master (W.Bro. Colin Cregan) assisted by W.Bro. Derek Elliott (IPM) and W.Bro. Roger Seward.
The next two meetings of the Lodge are on Monday 21st August and Tuesday 17th October and will see the two Fellowcraft being Raised during which W.Bro. Eddie Brown will give the "walking charge". A seldom seen piece of ritual to which all are invited to enjoy.
Please contact Bro. Secretary: 07785 538219 or use our Contact Us page.
W.Bro. Graham Ellis, Provincial Grand Charity Steward (far left), and the Brethren of Shiplake Lodge
Double Initiation at Shiplake Lodge
17 May 2017
The Worshipful Master of Shiplake Lodge, W.Bro. Colin Cregan assisted by W.Bro. Roger Seward, Initiated Mr Bradley Cumbers and Mr Grant Perrin in splendid style and sincerity.
The Working Tools were presented by W.Bro. Roger Beavis and the Charge after Initiation by W.Bro. Ian Ford-Batey, Worshipful Master of the Temple Island Lodge.
At the Third Rising the Brethren of Shiplake Lodge voted to transfer £6,000.00 from the Relief Chest to the 2022 Festival.
The Visiting Officer, W.Bro. Brian Fairweather, led the assembled gathering in the Entered Apprentice's song to round off an excellent evening of Masonry and friendship.
The next meeting of the Shiplake Lodge will be on Monday 19th June at 6.30pm at Henley when both Bro. Cumbers and Bro. Perrin will be Passed.
Busy night at Rathcreedan Lodge No. 8690 Installation plus Festival Donation
10 May 2017
The 248th meeting of Rathcreedan Lodge No. 8690 saw the Installation of W.Bro. Nigel Charles Payne into the Chair of King Solomon along with his Senior Warden, Bro. Mark Turner and his Junior Warden, Bro. Kevin Wright.
The ceremony was witnessed by 71 Brethren including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Oxfordshire, Worshipful Brother Alan Peter Knowles.
During the 2nd Rising, the APGM was presented with a cheque for £1500 toward the 2022 Festival.
Alfred Lodge Donation to 2022 Festival
03 May 2017
At Alfred Lodge's May meeting the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Rick Trotman, was pleased to present a cheque for £1,250 for the 2022 Festival to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro. Graham Ellis.
Also present were 4 other Active Provincial Grand Officers, headed by the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Dale Osborne.
After the Lodge meeting an excellent Festive Board was, as usual, enjoyed by all.
(L-R) W.Bro. Rick Trotman (WM), W.Bro. Dale R. Osborne PrJGW and W.Bro. Graham Ellis PrGChStwd
Thames Lodge No. 1895 MCF 2022 Festival Donation
16 Apr 2017
Thames Lodge kicked started their participation in the Oxfordshire MCF 2022 Festival by presenting a cheque for £5000 to the Festival Chairman.
(L-R) W.Bro. Stephen Quant (Charity Steward, Thames Lodge),
W.Bro. James Hurst (Worshipful Master, Thames Lodge) and
W.Bro. Graham Ellis (Festival Chairman)
Oxfordshire 2022 MCF Festival Launch Dinner
01 Mar 2017
Friday 24th February saw the official launch of the Oxfordshire 2022 MCF Festival with a Black Tie Dinner held at the Kassam Stadium. During the evening cheques totaling £10,000 were present to the PGM by V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer on behalf of Provincial Grand Lodge, and by V.W.Bro. Mark Harwood on behalf of Provincial Grand Chapter.
Guest speakers from the Masonic Charitable Foundation concluded their addresses by presenting the Provincial Grand Master with the first Festival Jewel.
PGM wearing first Festival Jewel which was presented to him by
W.Bro. Les Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer, Masonic Charitable Foundation
W.Bro. James Newman, OBE, Deputy President and Chairman,
Masonic Charitable Foundation addressing the audience
V.W.Bro. Mark Harwood, PDepPGM, PGSwdB in his capacity as Deputy Grand Superintendent
presenting a cheque for £5000 on behalf of Provincial Grand Chapter
(L-R) W.Bro. James Newman, OBE, Deputy President and Chairman, Masonic Charitable Foundation,
V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer DepPGM,
R.W.Bro. James Hilditch Provincial Grand Master,
V.W.Bro. Mark Harwood PDepPGM, PGSwdB on behalf of Provincial Grand Chapter
W.Bro. Les Hutchinson Chief Operating Officer, Masonic Charitable Foundation
(L-R) The PGM with Les Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer of the Masonic Charitable Foundation
Upper Thames Lodge Cheque Presentation to the Oxfordshire 2022 Festival
14 Jan 2017
Friday 13th turned out to be a lucky day for W.Bro. Graham Ellis, PrGChStwd as he was presented with a cheque for £1800 in favour of the MCF 2022 Festival. The Worshipful Master of Upper Thames Lodge, W.Bro. Shahid Butt presented the cheque on behalf of the UTL Social Club who had raised the money through various social events over the past year.
(L-R) W.Bro. Shahid Butt WM and W.Bro. Graham Ellis PrGChStwd
Allied Masonic Degrees Kick-Start 2022 MCF Festival
18 Oct 2016
Whilst the Oxfordshire 2022 Masonic Charitable Foundation Festival is to be officially launched at a gala dinner on Friday 24 February 2017, the Provincial Grand Master was delighted to be presented with an early donation of £500 from the Thames Valley District of The Allied Masonic Degrees at their annual district meeting at Aylesbury on Saturday 15 October.
Rt.W.Bro. Ron Bridger, the District Grand Prefect, also presented £500 to both Rt.W.Bro. Alastair Mason ProPrGM Middlesex for their 2020 Festival, and W.Bro. Graham Dearing APrGM Buckinghamshire for their 2021 Festival.