The Provincial Grand Chapter of Oxfordshire
Travelling Horn
Aims & Objectives
The aim of the travelling drinking horn is to encourage visiting between Chapters, to extend friendships and to enhance the vibrancy of Chapter meetings.
   1.The Chapter holding the drinking horn should arrange to pass it on to another Chapter of their choice no later than the end of the calendar month following the month in which they received it. The only exception to this is if the Drinking Horn is received in June or July, it must be passed on no later than the end of September.
2.The drinking horn should be accompanied by at least three Companions when it is passed on. Ideally, but not necessarily, this should be the Three Principals. It can also be an opportunity to include more recent/ less active members of the Chapter in the visit. Each of the accompanying brethren is responsible for their own dining cost.
3.The respective Chapters are responsible for organizing the logistics of the handover and for the ceremonial to be used at the handover.
4.The drinking horn should be passed to a Chapter that meets in a different centre from the Chapter holding the drinking horn.
5.No Chapter should receive the drinking horn more than once in a twelve-month period.
6.A record of Chapters that the drinking horn has travelled to will be maintained on the provincial website. The Chapter that is holding the drinking horn is responsible for informing the Provincial Grand Scribe E when and to whom the Drinking Horn has been passed, no later than forty-eight hours after it has been passed on.
7.The MEZ of the Chapter holding the drinking horn is responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are followed. Failure to follow the guidelines will mean that the Chapter is expected to make a contribution of £25 to the Provincial Charity Fund.
Travelling Drinking Horn
On 3rd Sept 2015 at the Windrush Chapter meeting the MEGS presented the "drinking horn" to the Principals of the Chapter. The following table records the Chapters which the horn has visited to date and those who have accompanied it.
Date:Companions who
accompanied the horn:
Chapter to whom
the Horn was passed:
September 2015MEGS started the journey and handed the horn to...Windrush Chapter
No. 1703
September 2015E.Comp. P. Horton (MEZ), E.Comp. M. Murphy (H),
E.Comp. H. Chirgwin (J), E.Comp. M.C. Pacey (SE),
and E.Comp. J. Stanley (PPrGSoj).
Cherwell Chapter
No. 599
October 2015 E.Comp. D. Reed (MEZ, PPrGStB),
E.Comp. P.R.Cottrelll (H, PPrAGSoj),
E.Comp. R.J.Barnett (J),
E.Comp K.O.Pauling (SE, PPrAGSoj),
E.Comp. J.Williams (Alm, PPrGSwdB),
E.Comp. C.E.Carter (DC, PPrGSN PPrGJ),
E.Comp. K.J.Brookes (ADC, PrGStB),
E.Comp. J.D.Roberts (IPZ).
Wychwood Chapter
No. 2414
December 2015E.Comp. J.E. Holtom (H), E.Comp. D. Lockwood (J),
E.Comp. A.S. Peates (SE), E.Comp. M. Jewell (IPZ),
E.Comp. M. Florey (PPrDGSup),
E.Comp. D. Wilson (Charity Stwd),
E.Comp. G. Goodman, E.Comp. K. Calcutt,
E.Comp. T. Friend, E.Comp. B.W. Hall,
E.Comp. E. Johnson, E.Comp. M.C. Pacey,
E.Comp. C.G. Walker (DC),
Comp. A.R. Jenkins (PrG Janitor),
Comp. A. Edwards, E.Comp. P. Hiles (C1399),
E.Comp. G. Goodman (C1703).
Bowyer Chapter
No. 1036
January 2016 E.Comp. R. Swanton
(with 7 other Companions)
Alfred Chapter
No. 340
January 2016 E.Comp. P. Smith (MEZ),
E.Comp. P. Kiefer (H, PPrGSN),
E.Comp. K. Field (J),
E.Comp. R. Calleja (IPZ, PPrGStB),
E.Comp. B. Vernon (DC, PPrGSN),
E.Comp. K. Hodge (ADC),
E.Comp. N. Chaitow (PZ),
Comp. R. Hazelden (SN).
Apollo University
Chapter No. 357
February 2016 E.Comp. B. Spring (MEZ), E.Comp R. Fellerman (H)
E.Comp. H. Carter (J), E.Comp. M. Ross (SE)
Culham College
Chapter No. 2951
March 2016 E.Comp. J. Gadd (MEZ), E.Comp. F. Gordon (H),
E.Comp. A. Gordon (J), E.Comp. R. Miles (SE),
E.Comp. P. Kiefer (SN), E.Comp. B. Wright (Treas),
E.Comp. A. Gordon Senior (Alm, ChStwd),
Comp. J. Cairns (1st Ass Soj),
Comp. G. Harvey (2nd Ass Soj),
E.Comp. A. Barlow (IPZ, Janitor),
E.Comp. D. Tucker, E.Comp. P. Harley,
E.Comp. K. Tomes, E.Comp. R. Morley.
April 2016 TBC St Mary's Chapter
No. 1763
May 2016 E.Comp. D. Starling (MEZ), E Comp. D. Kew (H)
E Comp. C. Baker (J), E Comp. C. Cox (SE),
E Comp. G. Kingham (DC), Comp. W. Rudiger-Feiler (1stAsstSoj),
E.Comp. D. Rankin (Asst SE), E.Comp. J. Watts,
E.Comp. M. Stone, Comp. R. Roberts
Carfax Chapter
No. 5723
June 2016 E.Comp. K. Thomas (Z), E.Comp. R. Alliston (H),
E.Comp. B. Lawrence (J), E.Comp. K. Chapell,
E.Comp. E. Gratwohl, E.Comp. D. Laidlaw,
Comp. P. Denison-Edson, Comp. B. Hughes
and Comp. A. Proper
Jersey Chapter
No. 2334
September 2016 E.Comp. J. Newbold (MEZ),
E.Comp. T. Edwards (H),
E.Comp. R. Thomas (SE) PPrGSwdB,
E.Comp. C. Beckley (Treasurer and Charity Steward) PPrGReg,
E.Comp. J. Young (DC) PPr1stAGSoj,
E.Comp. A. Knowles PZ, PPrGChStwd,
Comp. P. Jones (1stAsstSoj),
Comp. T. Edwards
Saint Giles Chapter
No. 8904
November 2016 E.Comp. E. Pilling (MEZ)
E.Comp. A. Meech (Treas & DC) PPrAGSoj
E.Comp. R. Bridger (SE) PPrGReg
Comp. R. Lovegrove (SN)
E.Comp. D. Thomas (PSoj) PAGDC
St. Edburg's Chapter
No. 9233
January 2017 E.Comp. S. Cook (MEZ)
E.Comp. M. Genner (H)
E.Comp. M. Dockrey (SE) PPr1stAGSoj
E.Comp. A. Gordon (SN) PPrGReg
Comp. P. Wiltshire (Stwd)
Marlborough Chapter
No. 1399
February 2017 E.Comp. S. Forrest (J)
E.Comp. N. Sawyer PGStB
E.Comp. P. Hiles PPGStB
E.Comp. K. Calcutt PPGSN
Wychwood Chapter
No. 2414
March 2017 E.Comp. D. Lockwood (MEZ),
E.Comp. A. Peates (SE) PPrGSwdB,
E.Comp. M. Pacey (SN) PPrGStB.
Installed Principals
No. 7770
April 2017 E.Comp. T. Taylor (MEZ) PPrGSN,
E.Comp. P. Batten (IPZ) PPrGSN,
E.Comp. N. Carter (ADC) SLGCR,
E.Comp. D. Charlton PGStB,
E.Comp. C. Cox (2ndASoj) PGStB,
E.Comp. G. Goodman (PSoj) PGStB,
E.Comp. J. Hilditch (Stwd) GSupt,
E.Comp. Eric Johnson (ASE) PPrGSwdB,
E.Comp. Neil Jupp (J) PPrGSN (Surrey).
Thames Chapter
No. 1895
May 2017 E.Comp. G. Ellis (MEZ) PrDGDC,
Comp. S. Butt (H),
E.Comp. M. Harwood PGSwdB, PDGS,
E.Comp. A. Nimmo PProvGJ,
E.Comp. S. Quant PGStdB,
E.Comp. A. Dishington PrGChStwd
Carfax Chapter
No. 5723
June 2017 E.Comp. R. Alliston (MEZ) PrGStwd (Middx)
E.Comp. L. Catney (J)
E.Comp. E. Gratwohl (SE) PPrGReg
E.Comp. K. Thomas (IPZ) PrGStB
E.Comp. K. Chapell PPrGSoj
RT Oxon Chapter
No. 9509
November 2017 E.Comp. D. Munton (MEZ),
E.Comp. L. Steward DGS,
E.Comp. D. Charlton PGStB,
E.Comp. M. Baker PPrGSoj,
Comp. B. Harness PPrGSoj,
Comp. D. Fido
St Mary's Chapter
No. 1763
January 2018 E.Comp. D. Kew (MEZ),
E.Comp. D. Greig (Acting H),
E.Comp. S. Hearn (J),
E.Comp. G. Kingham,
E.Comp. J. Watts,
E.Comp. D. Hathaway,
E.Comp. A. Herbert,
Comp. D. Hunt,
Comp. D. Rankin,
Comp. A. Ingram,
Comp. B. Harvey,
Comp. P. Stevens
Bowyer Chapter
No. 1036
Chipping Norton
May 2018 E.Comp A. Judd (H),
E.Comp P. Cross,
E.Comp R. Williams,
E.Comp K. Horne
Rathcreedan Chapter
No. 8690
June 2018 E.Comp P. James (MEZ),
E.Comp K. Mitchell (J),
E.Comp D. White (PS),
E.Comp G. Gregory (Ch St),
E.Comp C.Potter,
E.Comp D. Weir,
Comp R. Worrall,
Comp D. Clayton,
Comp S. Sahonta
Jersey Chapter
No. 2334
September 2018 E.Comp J. Young (MEZ),
E.Comp A. Trueman (H),
E.Comp E. Warmington (SE)
E.Comp K. Harvey (DC)
Comp M. Slaymaker (PS)
Windrush Chapter
No. 1703
January 2019 E.Comp R. Hazelden (MEZ),
E.Comp K. Field (IPZ),
E.Comp P. Purves PGSwdB, P3rdPrGPrin (Scribe E),
E.Comp P. Kiefer PPrGSN,
E.Comp B. Vernon PPrGSN (ADC),
E.Comp P. Smith PPrGSN,
E.Comp R. Calleja PPrGSwdB,
Comp. Charl Sevel
St Mary's Chapter
No. 1763
February 2019 E.Comp. D. Greig PPrGSoj (MEZ),
E.Comp. S. Hearn PPrGStwd (H),
E.Comp. D. Hunt (J),
Comp. A. Ingram,
E.Comp. A. Hill,
Comp J. Hopcroft.
Culham College Chapter
No. 2951
March 2019 E.Comp. P. Kiefer PPrGSN (MEZ, ASE),
E.Comp. F. Gordon PPrAGSE (H),
E.Comp. J. Cairns (J),
E.Comp. P. Harley (Scribe E),
E.Comp. G. Harvey PPrGStwd (2ndASoj),
E.Comp. J. Gadd (ADC),
E.Comp. R. Miles PPrGSN.
First Principals Chapter
No. 7770
April 2019 E.Comp. E. Johnson PPrGReg (MEZ),
E.Comp. G. Goodman PGStB (H),
E.Comp. L. Steward DepGSupt (J),
E.Comp. C. Cox 3rdProvGPrin,
E.Comp. P. Purves P3rdProvGPrin,
E.Comp. J. Young PPrGSwdB,
E.Comp. D. Kew PPrGReg,
E.Comp. R. Barnett PrAGSE,
E.Comp. S. Hearn PPrGStwd
Round Table Chapter
No. 9509
May 2019 E.Comp. D Knowlden (MEZ),
E.Comp. T. Byrne PrGReg,
E.Comp. M. Baker PrGTreas,
Comp. M. Green PrGStwd,
E.Comp. B. Harness PPrGSoj,
E.Comp. G. Strachan PPrGSN
Rathcreedan Chapter
No. 8690
June 2019 E.Comp M. Turner (MEZ),
E.Comp. K. Mitchell PGSoj (H),
E.Comp D. White PPrAssGSoj (J),
E.Comp G. Gregory PPrGSoj
Semper Paratus Chapter
No. 3015