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Oxfordshire appointments to Grand Rank
13 Mar 2017
Oxfordshire appointments to Grand Rank
First Appointments
Graham Peter Ellis PJGD
Clifford Coningsby PatonAGReg
Christopher Philip NoonAGDC
Steffen DeutshenbauerAGStdB
Paul Giles BuckPAGStdB
Christopher John DavisPAGStdB
Allan Stafford PeatesPAGStdB
Thomas James William MilnerGPurs
Dr David Richard StaplesDepGDCGSec
Christopher Michael HaywardPJGDSGD
Anthony Robert TaylorPAGDCPJGD
Paul EngehamPAGSwdBPJGD
Jonathan SpenceDepGM
James Martin Long, TDDepPresBGP
Alfred Lodge Meeting
08 Mar 2018
The Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. James Robert Guy Hilditch, accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Graham Peter Ellis, W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW, W.Bro. Stephen Quant PrGOrator & W.Bro. Chris Date PrSGD & escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, were present at the meeting where the PrGOrator gave a lecture on The Great Heathen Army about England & the Danes in the time of Alfred, which was well received by all those present.
The evening was rounded off by an enjoyable 4 course festive board at the Woodstock Masonic Centre.
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Date (PrSGD), W.Bro. Graham Ellis (APrGM), W.Bro. Kevin Burrows (WM),
R.W.Bro. James Robert Guy Hilditch (PrGM), W.Bro. Chris Beckley (PrSGW), W.Bro. Stephen Quant (PrGOrator)
A warm Semper Paratus welcome on a cold night
02 Mar 2018
A wonderful installation ceremony at the Semper Paratus Lodge No. 3015 was held on 28th February where W.Bro. Bob Greenwell was installed into the chair by W.Bro. Julian Salcombe.
The ceremony was followed by a very enjoyable and entertaining festive board where over seventy brethren attended including 31 visitors.
A very generous cheque was presented to the PSGW by the WM for the 2022 festival.
The evening was witnessed by a good number of active provincial officers led by W.Bro. Chris Beckley who was representing the RWPrGM and included W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins PrGSec, W.Bro. Peter Smith PrGOrg, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd and W.Bro. Bob Swanton PrAGDC escorting.
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM
(L-R) W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins, W.Bro. Peter Smith, W.Bro. Chris Beckley, W.Bro. Bob Greenwell WM,
W.Bro. Julian Salcombe IPM, W.Bro. Yanto Evans and W.Bro. Bob Swanton
Gateway Lodge Installation Ceremony
02 Mar 2018
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Graham Peter Ellis accompanied by W.Bro. Phil Harley PrGReg, W.Bro. Andrew Keech PrGChStwd, W.Bro. Chris Date PrSGD, W.Bro. Peter Smith PrGOrg, W.Bro. Swaylie Forest PrGStdB, W.Bro. Bert Ingram PrGStdB & W.Bro. Ewan Gordon PrGStwd & escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Paul Allan WM, install W.Bro. Grahame Lee MBE as Master of the Gateway Lodge with great sincerity.
During the risings W.Bro. Derek Wilson presented a splendid apron cushion, in the light blue of craft masonry & the RAF finished with an RAF roundel in the centre, on behalf of the ladies from the Cotswold Ladies Lodge No. 51, in appreciation of the work that had been carried out by W.Bro. Wilson in making a frame for the warrant of the Cotswold Ladies Lodge.
The cushion was made by Maria Forest a member of Cotswold Lodge & wife of W.Bro. Swaylie Forest.
It was received with great pleasure by the newly installed WM & received with much acclaim by the members of Gateway Lodge.
The evening was rounded off by a convivial festive board at the Witney Masonic Centre & an excellent speech from the new WM.
(L-R) W.Bro. Phil Harley (PrGReg), W.Bro. Swaylie Forest (PrGStdB), W.Bro. Peter Smith (PrGOrg),
W.Bro. Chris Date (PrSGD), W.Bro. Paul Allan (IPM), W.Bro. Grahame Lee (WM), W.Bro. Graham Ellis (APrGM),
W.Bro. Andrew Keech (PrGChStwd), W.Bro. Bert Ingram (PrGStdB), W.Bro. Ewan Gordon (PrGStwd)
The WM, APrGM & Officers of the Gateway Lodge with the apron cushion
Triple Initiation at Inaugural Meeting at Cardinal House
02 Mar 2018
On Wednesday 28 February 2018, Oxnaford Lodge No. 6691 had the honour of holding the inaugural meeting of the new Oxford Masonic Centre, at Cardinal House.
In attendance were the DPrGM Neal Spencer, APrGM Graham Ellis, PrGTreas Richard Skym (who provided appropriate musical accompaniment by acting as organist for the evening), and PrSGD Chris Wagstaff. All of whom were escorted by the PrGDC Alan Baverstock.
It was evening of 'firsts'.
Not least of which was a triple initiation for Oxnaford Lodge, with Ryan Mack, Simon Grant, and James Sharp, as the candidates.
Those fortunate to be present to witness, and be part of this historic new chapter in the history of Oxford masonry, were impressed with the building, facilities, and catering.
The new home for Oxford masonic 'units' was well worth waiting for, and is a credit to those who worked long and hard to provide the new centre.
(L-R) APrGM, DPrGM, WM W.Bro. Allen, and the Initiates
Buttercross Lodge Annual Ladies Festival
28 Feb 2018
The Buttercross Lodge No. 7240 held there Annual Ladies Festival with 79 guests traveling down to the Mayfair Hotel in Bournemouth, earlier this month.
The Worshipful Masters Lady, Amanda Prior chosen charity for the weekend was the Brain Charity in Liverpool. On the Friday evening a charity Bingo Night was held, with prizes donated by local companies in Witney, £520.00 was raised. Many thanks to all that attended and supported this wonderful Charity!
Buttercross Lodge Installation
28 Feb 2018
Buttercross Lodge enjoyed a bumper evening where 53 brethren saw a first class installation with the outgoing WM W.Bro. Kevin Prior assisted by W.Bro. Mark Anderson install W.Bro. Simon Watson into the Chair of King Solomon. After which W.Bro. Peter Laurence was voted an Honorary member, a ballot was held and found in favour of a re-joining member, a joining member and two candidates.
Then PrJGW W.Bro. Mike Smail presented a Grand Lodge certificate to Bro. Ian Woollard. After which all retired to enjoy the festive board with excellent food, excellent company in a lively atmosphere.
Weyland Lodge Fifty Year Certifcate
28 Feb 2018
Members of the Weyland Lodge and their guests enjoyed a busy and fun-packed evening on 21st Feb. It was the WM's 70th birthday and he wore a badge so everyone knew. Bro. George Amos was presented with his 'Fifty Years in Freemasonry' certificate and Bros. Nick Allen and Ben Vincent were presented with their GL certificates.
This was followed by a talk from W.Bro. Alan Knowles on 'The Destruction of the Temples' and was delivered in his own imitable style.
Also in the picture is our latest initiate, Bro. Alan Skillicorn, and Bro. Steven Medler, newly initiated into Grenville Lodge, Buckingham and the son-in-law of W.Bro. Chris Beckley, PrSGW.
Islip Installation
20 Feb 2018
On Monday 19th February the Islip Lodge 7876 was honoured by a visit from the APGM, W.Bro. Graham Ellis, who was escorted by W.Bro. Bob Swanton PrAGDC, to their installation meeting held at Abingdon.
Bro. Brian Godfrey was installed into the Master's chair by W.Bro. Ian Ross.
Following a very good ceremony the brethren were treated to a fantastic festive board which included a good number of visitors from both Oxfordshire and Berkshire provinces.
(L-R) APGM W.Bro. Graham Ellis between W.Bro. Brian Godfrey WM and
W.Bro. Ian Ross with members of the Islip Lodge
Initiation at Burford
18 Feb 2018
W.Bro. Tony Raven and his team initiated Bill Pinkerton into Wychwood Lodge No. 2414 at Burford on Thursday 15 February 2018.
The Provincial Grand Master was in attendance, and was accompanied by Chris Wagstaff (PrSGD), Bert Ingram (PrGStB), Yanto Evans (PrGStwd), and escorted by Alan Baverstock (PrGDC).
Following the ceremony all partook of the unique hospitality offered by Wychwood Lodge.
(L-R) PrGM, Bill Pinkerton, and Tony Raven
Cherwell Lodge Installation
18 Feb 2018
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer, together with the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Mike Smail and The Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Bernie Wegerhoff escorted by W.Bro. Sonny Timms, the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and together with a number of other Provincial Officers, enjoyed an excellent evening, with the DPGM being presented with a cheque from the Lodge for the MCF 2022 Festival and also being asked to present several Brethren with their festival jewels.
(L-R) W.Bro. Peter Larner (PPrJGD), W.Bro. Yanto Evans (PrGStwd), W.Bro. Michael Smail (PrJGW),
V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer (DPGM), W.Bro. George Ayers (WM), W.Bro. Peter James (IPM),
W.Bro. Bernd Wegerhoff (PrAGSec), W.Bro. Nigel Payne (PrGTyler), W.Bro. Bob Murton (PPrGStB)
Two's company at Temple Island
10 Feb 2018
Worshipful Master Chris Wagstaff was on electric form at Temple Island Lodge's 321st meeting held at Henley Masonic Hall, where Bros. Sean Masterman and Stuart Bindley-Ross were passed to the second degree in fine style.
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer was escorted by the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Sonny Timms.
(L-R) W.Bro. Jim Reeves DC, V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer DPGM, Bro. Sean Masterman,
W.Bro. Christopher Wagstaff WM, Bro. Stuart Bindley-Ross, W.Bro. Roy Simmonds
Alfred Lodge No. 340 Installation
10 Feb 2018
On Tuesday 6th February the Alfred Lodge No. 340 was honoured by a visit, to their installation meeting, from the PSGW, WBro Chris Beckley, accompanied by six other member of the provincial team, which saw W.Bro. Kevin Burrows installed in to the chair.
The ceremony was carried out in exemplary form by V.W.Bro. Philip Purves and W.Bro. Roy Thomas ably assisted by the officers of the lodge.
Following the ceremony the brethren attended a very enjoyable festive board with over 50 members and visitors present.
(L-R) W.Bro. Bert Ingram PGStdB, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PGSwd, W.Bro. Mike Smail PJGW,
V.W.Bro. Philip Purves, W.Bro. Chris Beckley PSGW, W.Bro. Kevin Burrows WM, W.Bro. Roy Thomas,
W.Bro. Peter Smith PGOrg, W.Bro. Phil Saunders PGSwd, W.Bro. Bob Swanton PrAGDC
Initiation At Isis Lodge No. 4242
31 Jan 2018
Isis Lodge were well supported by visitors at their meeting at Cosener's House, Abingdon on Monday 29 January.
The Provincial Grand Master was also in attendance, accompanied by W.Bro. Richard Skym PrGTreas, and W.Bro. Bert Ingram Pr.GStdB, and was escorted by the the PrGDC. The PrGM was delighted to present 2022 MCF festival jewels to a number of members.
The main business of the evening was to initiate Alec MacDonald.
The lodge are looking forward to moving to their new home at Cardinal House, and initiating another candidate at their next meeting.
(L-R) Bro. Alec MacDonald with the PrGM
The PrGM with some of the recipients of 2022 MCF festival jewels
25 Years On - W.Bro. Tony Raven goes into the Wychwood chair for the 2nd time
24 Jan 2018
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro. Neal Clive Spencer accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W.Bro. Graham Ellis, W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins PrGSec & W.Bro. Swaylie Forest PrGStdB & escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Alistair Eden install W.Bro. Tony Raven as Master of the Wychwood Lodge with great aplomb. W.Bro. Raven first took the chair of Wychwood in 1983. He then appointed his officers with great enthusiasm.
The evening was rounded off by an excellent festive board, with members of the lodge in fine voice. The PrGSec who is the Visiting Officer for Wychwood rolled up his sleeves, donned his gloves & did a stint as Steward, dishing up the dinners.
W.Bro. Ivor Hawkins (PrGSec/ PAGDC), V.W.Bro. Neal Clive Spencer (DPrGM/ PGSwdB), W.Bro. Tony Raven (WM),
W.Bro. Alistair Eden (IM), W.Bro. Graham Peter Ellis (APrGM), W.Bro. Swaylie Forest (PrGStdB)
Round Table Thames Valley Lodge No. 9697 Installation
24 Jan 2018
The recent installation meeting of the Round Table Thames Valley Lodge, attended by the PGM, the PrJGW, Michael Smail, and escorted by the PrDGDC Sonny Timms, was an excellent evening and during the actual meeting, W.Bro. Christopher Richards was congratulated by the WM for having recently attained 60 years in Freemasonry! The festive board was a Burns Supper, with the Lodge DC W.Bro. Allan Dishington, suitably dressed in his full kilted attire, doing the traditional address to the haggis, with much energy and aplomb!
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Wagstaff (PrSGD), W.Bro. Tom Byrne (PAGDC), W.Bro. Mike Smail (PrJGW),
W.Bro. Peter Lund (WM), R.W.Bro. James Hilditch (PrGM), W.Bro. Christopher Richards (PAGReg),
W.Bro. John Avery (PAGDC), W.Bro. Ian Montague (PAGDC)
Lodge of Peace Installation Meeting
18 Jan 2018
On Wednesday 17th January, W.Bro. Steve John installed W.Bro. Chris Cox into the Chair of the Lodge of Peace No. 8850 in Thame. This being eighteen years, to the day, since Steve first installed Chris into the Chair.
The Provincial Grand Master was represented by W.Bro. Michael Smail PrJGW, who was escorted by the PrGDC. He was accompanied by W.Bro. Steve Bowles PrGSuptWks, W.Bro. Andrew Keech PrGChStwd, W.Bro. Bernd Wegerhoff PrAGSec, and W.Bro. Bert Ingram PrGStB.
Three of the four surviving Provincial Grand Directors of Ceremonies were in attendance:
   VW. Bro. Philip Purves PGSwdB, 2003-2007.
   W.Bro. Ron Bridger PJGD, 2007-2010.
   W.Bro. Alan Baverstock AGDC, 2013-Present.
The Active Provincial Grand Lodge Officers and the Worshipful Master
PrGDCs Present and Past
Loving Cup Passed At Calthorpe Lodge
18 Jan 2018
The Provincial Grand Master attended the meeting of Calthorpe Lodge No. 5172 at Banbury on Tuesday 16 January 2018. He was accompanied by: W.Bro. Mike Smail PrJGW, W.Bro. Sony Timms PrDGDC, and W.Bro. Chris Wagstaff PrSGD. All were escorted by W.Bro. Alan Baverstock AGDC, the PrGDC.
A further active Provincial Grand Officer was also in attendance, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd. However, he is the current Master of the lodge!
During the meeting the Lodge was 'called off' and the Loving Cup Ceremony was conducted. This unique ceremony has taken place annually for the last forty years. It concludes with each Brother recieving a glass of sherry, and being invited to exchange good wishes and fraternal greetings.
The Festive Board was a 'Burns Supper'.
To add to the occasion the Worshipful Master and Provincial Grand Master were led into the dining hall by a suitably attired musician playing the bagpipes. The "Address to the Haggis" was recited by W.Bro. Terry Mallarky, and a presentation to the "Immortal Memory" of W.Bro. Robbie Burns was delivered by W.Bro. Russell Fowler.
(L-R) The PrGM and W.Bro. Yanto Evans with the Loving Cup that was
presented to W.Bro. Walter J. Trinder PAGStdB, PPrSGW in 1977
Bertie Lodge Installation
18 Jan 2018
On the 11th January 2018 at the Woodstock Masonic Hall, W.Bro. Alan Bovingdon-Cox was proclaimed Worshipful Master for the Third successive year as Master of Bertie Lodge No. 1515. W.Bro Tony McCluskey PAGDC recited the Proclamation in an exemplary fashion.
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Graham Ellis was in attendance and was escorted by W.Bro. Robert Swanton, PrAGDC.
The evening was rounded off by an excellent Festive Board and merriment.
(L-R) W.Bro. Peter Smith (PrGOrg), W.Bro. John Day (PPrGReg), W.Bro. Adrian Barlow (PPrGSwdB),
W.Bro. G.F.T. McCluskey (PAGDC), W.Bro. Alan Bovingdon-Cox (WM), W.Bro. Graham Ellis (APGM),
W.Bro. Robert Swanton (PrAGDC), W.Bro. Kevin Cruickshank (PPrSGD)
Saint Barbara Lodge Installation Ceremony
14 Jan 2018
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W.Bro. Neal Clive Spencer accompanied by W.Bro. Chris Beckley PrSGW, W.Bro. Yanto Evans PrGStwd and W.Bro. Ewan Gordon PrGStwd, escorted by W.Bro. Dave Roberts PrAGDC, saw W.Bro. Martin Craft WM, install Bro. Stephen Mitchell as Master of the Saint Barbara Lodge with great sincerity.
The evening was rounded off by an excellent festive board at the Bicester Masonic Centre.
(L-R) W.Bro. Phil Saunders (Sec/ PrGStwd), W.Bro. Chris Beckley (PrSGW), V.W.Bro. Neal Clive Spencer (DPrGM),
W.Bro. Stephen Mitchell (WM), W.Bro. Martin Craft (IPM), W.Bro. Ewan Gordon (PrGStwd),
W.Bro. Yanto Evans (PrGStwd), W.Bro. Roy 'Sonny' Timms (PrDGDC)
Installation Meeting of Windrush Lodge No. 1703
14 Jan 2018
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master attended the installation meeting of Windrush Lodge No. 1703 at Witney on Wednesday 10 January 2018.
He was accompanied by the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Michael Smail, and Provincial Grand Steward W.Bro. Philip Saunders.
All were escorted by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.
The meeting saw W.Bro. Martin McBride install Bro. Graham Treadwell as his successor.
(L-R) W.Bro. Graham Ellis APrGM and W.Bro. Graham Treadwell
Bowyer Lodge Installation
06 Jan 2018
On Tuesday 2nd January the Bowyer Lodge Number 1036 were honoured by a visit from the DPGM V.W.Bro. Neal Spencer at their installation meeting where W.Bro. Ian Faulkner installed W.Bro. Ian McConnell into the chair of the lodge.
Following a very good ceremony the brethren present were treated to a very happy and enjoyable festive board.
Despite the high winds and rain the meeting attracted many visiting brethren of the lodge in Chipping Norton Masonic Centre.
(L-R) W.Bro. Chris Beckley PSGW, DPGM V.W.Bro. Neil Spencer,
W.Bro. Ian McConnell WM & W.Bro. Ian Faulkner IPM
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