News Around The Division

St. Helena Conclave Installation Meeting
05 Dec 2017
Ill.Kt. Brian Miles installed Donald McGarr as his successor as Most Puissant Sovereign of St. Helena Conclave No. 518 in Marlow on Saturday 02 December.
Double Installation at University Conclave
19 Nov 2017
University Conclave No. 468 Installed two new Worthy Knights at their Michaelmas meeting on Saturday 11 November 2017.
One a Master Mason of Apollo University Lodge, and the other from Tivoli Libris Lodge.
Due to refurbishment of the premises, the Conclave were unable to meet at their usual venue of The Mitre Tavern in Oxford.
Very kindly the Conclave Almoner (the Rt.Ill. and Ven. Grand Eusebius) permitted the meeting to be held within St. Gabriel's Church, North Acton.
Following the meeting the Worthy Knights adjourned to a nearby Lebanese restaurant for a fine (albeit dry) festive board.
Installation Meeting at Banbury
14 Nov 2017
After opening the meeting of Queen Mary Conclave No. 444 at Banbury on Friday 10 November 2017, MPS Terry Donaghy invited Ill.Kt. John Edwards to take the chair.
Ill.Kt. Edwards then proceeded to install Mark Griffin as a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine.
The Deputy Intendant-General, V.Ill.Kt. Ron Bridger then Enthroned Em.Kt. Michael Long as the Most Puissant Sovereign and Consecrated W.Kt. Ron Lovegrove as Viceroy.
Following the appointment of the officers for 2017-18, twenty Worthy Knights enjoyed a superb festive board.
(L-R) R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock, Ill.Kt. John Edwards, W.Kt. Mark Griffin
(L-R) The Intendant-General, Michael Long, Ron Lovegrove
Seven Candidates For Appendant Orders
05 Nov 2017
For the first time in their sixteen year history, Buckinghamshire Conclave No. 469 hosted the annual Thames Division Appendant Orders meeting.
These are complex ceremonies requiring much preparation and commitment, with many officers undertaking their roles for the first time (indeed, some were candidates at the last meeting of the Sanctuary and Commandery!). The meeting on Saturday 04 November 2017 was approached with an element of trepidation.
A rehearsal in the morning, under the direction of the Divisional Marshal Bob Chevin, allayed any fears, and following luncheon the ceremonies commenced.
Seven candidates received the accolade of being installed as Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and Knights of St. John the Evangelist, and were left with a lasting memory of these impressive and spectacular ceremonies.
(L-R) The seven candidates with the Intendant-General
Roger Hook and Fin Gordon, St. Frideswide No. 339.
Malcolm Summers and Mark Duncan, Buckinghamshire No. 469.
R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock.
Eugene Gratwohl, St. Frideswide No. 339.
Simon Jeffery and Bob Britten, St. Paul's 372
Another Knight Installed at Woodstock
03 Sep 2017
Having conducted a double installation at their June meeting, MPS Ralph Newell and his team installed another Companion as a Knight of the Order at the meeting of St. Frideswide Conclave No. 339 at Woodstock on Saturday 02 September.
The candidate, E.Comp. Eugene Gratwohl was Installed in a fine manner, and especially appreciated the Oration which was delivered by V.Ill.Kt Ron Bridger, the Deputy Intendant-General.
The Intendant-General, R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock having known the candidate for forty years was also in attendance, and was escorted by P.Kt. Gabriel Wright the Deputy Divisional Marshal.
(L-R) Gabriel Wright, Alan Baverstock, Eugene Gratwohl, Ralph Newell
Thames Division At Grand Imperial Conclave
05 Jul 2017
The annual meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave was held at Great Queen Street on Tuesday 04 July 2017.
Receiving first appointments to Grand Rank were; Richard Skym as P.G.St.B.(L), Anthony Perkins as P.G.Prefect, and Richard Gardiner as P.G. Herald. Promotions were awarded to; Ill. Kt. Peter Lloyd and Ill. Kt. Don Perkins, both to P.G.Chamberlain, whilst V.Ill.Kt. James Hilditch was promoted to P.G.H.Chancellor (from Metropolitan Division).
The Divisional Marshal, P.Kt. Bob Chevin, was appointed and invested as a member of the Grand Sovereigns Sepulchre Guard.
(L-R) Alan Baverstock, Richard Skym, Richard Gardiner, Anthony Perkins, Donald Perkins
Double Installation at Woodstock
28 Jun 2017
MPS Ralph Newell, in the presence of the Intendant-General, installed Companions Roger Hook and Finlay Gordon as Knights of the Order at the meeting of St. Frideswide Conclave No.339 at Woodstock on Saturday 24 June.
(L-R) Alan Baverstock, Fin Gordon, Roger Hook, Ralph Newell
Candidate Travels From Hungary
28 Jun 2017
The meeting of Admiror Grantiam Conclave No 526. at Olney on Friday 23 June 2017 saw MPS Roy Hodgson install two candidates as Knights of the Order.
Silviu Dascal flew from Budapest especially for the meeting, and returned back to Hungary the same day after the double ceremony with Geoffrey Stone.
(L-R) Silviu Dascal, Roy Hodgson, Geoffrey Stone
Intendant-General's Address to the Thames Division Annual Meeting
07 Jun 2017
Address by the Intendant-General

Thames Division Annual Meeting

03 June 2017

Worthy Knights, firstly, may I say how delighted I am to see you all here today. It is a particular pleasure to welcome the Intendants-General and representatives from other Divisions who have extended their kind hospitality to me in their own divisions during the course of the year, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to reciprocate.
My first year as Intendent-General has been busy, and rewarding. It was a pleasure to represent Thames Division at the annual divisional meetings of Essex, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, East Anglia, Middlesex, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, West Midlands, Hertfordshire, Metropolitan, and Sussex. Also, to be welcomed and acknowledged at the annual meetings of many other Orders within Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire.
In September, Thames Division united with The Divisions of Metropolitan, Middlesex, and Surrey to celebrate the Festival of the Exaltation of the Cross at St. Gabriel's Church, North Acton. We have a most supportive contact there, and hope that this biennial event will continue for many years.
It has been humbling to represent the Order and present donations on behalf of the Grand Sovereign from his 'Care for Children' Fund.
In July, £2,500 for Helen and Douglas House in Oxford, to assist with their hospice care for children and young adults.
In November, £1,000 for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice in Maidenhead, and, also, with the then Metropolitan Intendant-General, £1,500 to Supershoes, a national charity based in North Buckinghamshire providing artist painted shoes for children suffering from cancer.
It has been a privilege, today, for me to invest those Worthy Knights receiving first appointments and promotions. Congratulations to you all. However, as some quite rightly receive preferment, others of course reluctantly retire from active office. I thank you all for what you have done for the Division in the past, and for what I trust you will do in the future.
Last year members of the Division were honoured at Grand Imperial Conclave, with first appointments for Ill. Kt. John Edwards as P.G.St.B.(L), and Ill. Kt. Brian Hilton as P.G.Vice-Chamberlain, and with Promotion for Ill. Kt. Nigel Willows to P.G.St.B.(C). My predecessor was of course appointed to the office of Right Illustrious and Venerable Grand Eusebius and invested as a Knight Grand Cross of Constantine.
This year there are first appointments to Richard Skym as P.G.St.B.(L), Anthony Perkins as P.G.Prefect, and Richard Gardiner as P.G. Herald. Promotions for Ill. Kt. Peter Lloyd and Ill. Kt. Don Perkins, both to P.G.Chamberlain, whilst V.Ill.Kt. James Hilditch is promoted to P.G.H.Chancellor (from Metropolitan Division). I look forward to supporting them at their investiture on 04 July.
In my inaugural address to you last year I stated that we need to build upon recruitment and retention for all of our conclaves. Worthy Knights, you listened and acted upon my request. It is most pleasing to see that sixteen Knights have been installed during the previous twelve months, and it was a delight to acknowledge ten of them who are here today. Once again, welcome to Thames Division. My message to you is twofold:
   Recruit your friends into your Craft Lodge, Brethren into your Holy Royal Arch Chapter, and Companions into this delightful Order.
   Also, visit other Conclaves. It is most rewarding to see how they work, explore different Temples, and experience other festive boards.
Through the auspices of my predecessor, I have inherited a wonderful legacy of a Division which is vibrant, progressive, productive, and, above all, happy. Protocol dictated that he was unable to attend our meeting last year. Those of you who were present then, will no doubt recall that I expressed grateful thanks for his hard work, commitment, and contribution during the five years that he was Intendant-General. We are honoured with his presence today, and this enables us to acknowledge the esteem in which we hold him, and present a small token of our appreciation.
The I-G presented the Right Illustrious and Venerable Grand Eusebius with a lead crystal Georgian port decanter engraved with the Thames Divisional crest, and the inscription "R.Ill.Kt. The Rev'd Timothy J.N. L'Estrange, MA. Intendant-General 2011-16". A bottle of Warre's Quinta Da Cavadinha 2002 vintage port. A bouquet of flowers for his wife Elizabeth, and a gingerbread daisy for his daughter Catherine.
Before I conclude a few thank-you's:
We are all very well aware of the enormous amount of time and hard work that these, seemingly effortless and simple, events take on both the Divisional Recorder's and Divisional Marshall's part. My hearty thanks to both Richard Skym, Bob Chevin, and to their respective teams on the way that their meticulous and diligent planning has contributed to the smooth running of this meeting.
Also to Phil Harley, a Companion who, although sadly not a member of our Order, makes a valuable contribution by maintaining our Website and facilitating a speedy inclusion of news stories and photographs from our meetings.
Finally, Worthy Knights: be of one mind, live in peace, and may the God of Love and Mercy delight to dwell amongst you, and bless you for evermore.

Full Agenda at Buckinghamshire Conclave
21 May 2017
Buckinghamshire Conclave No. 469 had a full agenda for their meeting at Aylesbury on Saturday 20 May:
   -  Companion Mark Duncan was installed as a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine by Ill.Kt. John Edwards.
   -  W. Kt. David Youkee was elected as a joining member.
   -  P.Kt. Roy Hodgson was proclaimed as Most Puissant Sovereign of the Conclave.
   -  W.Kt. Jeff Swain was Consecrated as Eminent Viceroy by P.Kt. Bob Chevin.
   -  P.Kt. Roy Hodgson appointed and invested the officers for the ensuing year.
   -  A Grand Conclave Certificate was presented to W.Kt.Malcolm Summers by R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock.
Following the meeting members and visitors retired for well earned refreshments.
(L-R) The Intendant-General, Mark Duncan, Roy Hodgson and Jeff Swain
St Frideswide Conclave No. 339 Installation Meeting
07 May 2017
M.P.Kt. Ralph Newell was installed as Sovereign of St Frideswide Conclave in an impressive ceremony conducted by P.Kt. Peter Rawlinson at Woodstock on the 22nd April. Ralph installed E.Kt. Paul Rush, who had been consecrated Eusebius on a previous occasion, as Viceroy.
W.Kt. Alan Meech displays the Viceroy's Standard known as the Standard Labarum. (so called from its Imperial Purple Colour and the Greek letters Chi Ro that it bears).
Candidate and Certificates at Buckinghamshire Conclave Meeting
12 Mar 2017
The meeting of Buckinghamshire Concave No. 469 at Aylesbury on 11 March saw Malcolm Summers installed as a Knight of the Order.
In addition, Lloyd Harrison was presented with certificates in respect of his installation last November and for completion of his Appendant Orders in January.
Thames Division Intendant General R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock,
with Malcolm Summers,
and Roy Hodgson (Most Puissant Sovereign of Buckinghamshire Conclave)
Lloyd Harrison receives his Grand Imperial Conclave, and Appendant Orders certificates
New Sovereign Enthroned at Banbury
12 Feb 2017
At the meeting of Queen Mary Conclave No. 444 held at Banbury on Friday 10 February P.Kt. Bill Hall enthroned Em.Kt. Terry Donaghy as his successor.
Their next meeting is on Friday 14 July.
P.Kt. Terry Donaghy, Most Puissant Sovereign of Queen Mary Conclave
Team Visit To St. Helena Conclave
04 Dec 2016
The Intendant-General led a divisional team visit to St. Helena Conclave No. 518 at Marlow on Saturday 3 December.
The Conclave's third birthday was also their installation meeting:
W.Kt. Paul Rush was Consecrated as Eminent Viceroy, and P.Kt Richard Skym enthroned Ill.Kt. Brian Miles as Most Puissant Sovereign.
Grand College certificates were presented to W.Kt's David Youkee, Guy Farrow, and Martin Hickman-Ashby.
New Viceroy Consecrated at Banbury
25 Nov 2016
Unfortunately the Sovereign elect was unable to attend the enthronement meeting of Queen Mary Conclave No. 444 at Banbury on 23 November.
However, the Worthy Knights present, were treated to an excellent ceremony in a College of Priests-Mason. with V.Ill.Kt. Ron Bridger Consecrating Michael Long as Venerable Eusebius of the Conclave.
The Intendant General was in attendance, and was escorted by P.Kt. Richard Skym (Divisional Recorder), who acted as Divisional Marshal for the evening.
W.Kt. Yanto Evans was presented with his Appendant Orders certificate by R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock.
The Intentendant-General presents Yanto Evans with his Appendant Orders certificate
P.Kt. Richard Skym (Divisional Recorder, acting as Divisional Marshal), R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock,
V.Kt. Michael Long, V.Ill.Kt. Ron Bridger (Deputy Intendant-General)
Donation to Children's Cancer Charity
18 Nov 2016
The Intendants General for Metropolitan and Thames Division presented a cheque for £1,500 cheque from The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund to 'Supershoes'.
'Supershoes' is a national charity based in Fenny Stratford providing artist painted shoes for children suffering from cancer, thereat enhancing their physical and emotional wellbeing.
(L-R) Peter Fuchter (IG Metropolitan Division), Sarah White (Founder of Supershoes),
Alan Baverstock (IG Thames Division)
Annual Lecture at University Conclave Delivered By Christ Church Professor
16 Nov 2016
A regular meeting of University Conclave No. 468, was held at The Mitre Tavern, High Street, Oxford on Saturday 12 November.
Members and visitors were treated to a most informative and thought provoking lecture on Constantine and Christendom from Professor Mark Edwards (tutor in theology, Christ Church).
In 2015 the inaugural Annual Lecturer was Dr. Hannah Cornwall who spoke about art and the period of Emperor Constantine.
The Almoner of the Conclave, R.III. & Ven. Kt. the Rev'd Timothy J.N. L'Estrange GCC made his first visit to a Conclave since being Installed as Grand Eusebius of the Order, his successor as Intendant-General of Thames Division was also in attendance.
(L-R) The Rev'd Timothy L'Estrange (Grand Eusebius), Professor Mark Edwards,
Alan J. Baverstock (Intendant-General), Paul Le Druillenec (acting Sovereign)
£1,000 Donation to Alexander Devine Children's Hospice
03 Nov 2016
The Intendant-General was delighted to be able to present a cheque for £1,000 from The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund to Alexander Devine Children's Hospice.
The charity need to raise £6.7m to complete the hospice at Woodlands Park near Maidenhead. They hope to open their doors in the summer of 2017.
Two Candidates, Two I-G's, a Past I-G, and Two Deputy I-G's at Olney
31 Oct 2016
The meeting of Admiror Grantiam Conclave No. 526 at Olney on Friday 28 October was graced by the presence of a number of Right Illustrious and Very Illustrious Knights;
Alan Baverstock (I-G Thames Division), Alasdair White (I-G Benelux), Max Bayes (Past I-G East Midlands), Ron Bridger (Deputy I-G Thames), and Werner Schwab (Deputy I-G Benelux).
The Most Puisaant Sovereign (Werner Schwab) and his team installed Charles Arnold and Terence Bennett as Knights of the Order.
Having installed two candidates at their previous meeting, and with a further two candidates for their next meeting on 28 April 2017, the Conclave are enjoying a successful year.
(L-R) Ron Bridger, Alan Baverstock, Werner Schwab, Alasdair White, and Max Bayes
Thames Division Visit Derbyshire
25 Oct 2016
A trio of representatives of Thames Division headed north on Saturday 22 October for the installation of Ill.Kt. Dr. Alan Beckerton as the new Intentendant-General for Derbyshire.
The Intendant-General was delighted to be accompanied by his Divisional Junior General and Divisional Marshal for the meeting at Derby Masonic Hall.
(L-R) P. Kt. Bob Chevin (Divisional Marshal),
R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock (Intendant-General),
P.Kt. Anthony Perkins (Divisional Junior General)
E.Comp Tony Nimmo Installed as a Knight of the Order
03 Oct 2016
E.Comp Tony Nimmo was Installed as a Knight of the Order, at the meeting of St.Paul's Conclave No. 372, at Wokingham on Saturday 01 October 2016 by MPS Peter Lloyd and his team.
The ceremony was witnessed by the Intendant-General R.Ill. Kt. Alan Baverstock, who was accompanied by a number of active Divisional Officers:
John Jarvis (Divisional Eusebius), Paul Lewis (Divisional Senior General), Bob Chevin (Divisional Marshal), Keith Horne (Divisional Sword Bearer), David Hill (Divisional Standard Bearer (C)), Stephen Hone (Divisional Prefect), Brian Miles (Divisional Sentinel), and Paul Rush (Sepulchre Guard).
Peter Lloyd was elected to serve for a second year as MPS. Having already been in 53 masonic chairs, Peter is now heading towards what might well be a record breaking 60 chairs!
Holy Cross Day
13 Sep 2016
Members of Thames, Metropolitan, Middlesex, and Surrey Divisions met at St. Gabriel's in North Acton on Sunday 11 September for choral evensong and Benediction for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.
Following a procession of the Divisional Standards, the service was led by Right Illustrious and Venerable Knight the Rev'd Timothy L'Estrange, GCC, Grand Eusebius.
Musical accompaniment was provided by the Batchwood youth and chamber choir.
A most interesting sermon was delivered by The Rev'd Malcolm Lane (PrGM and MEGS for Monmouthshire).
Following the service, afternoon tea was provided in the church hall.
The Grand Eusebius with the Intendants General and their Deputies for
Metropolitan, Surrey, Middlesex, and Thames Divisions
Annual Appendant Orders Meeting
05 Sep 2016
St. Frideswide Conclave No. 399 hosted the annual 'Appendant Orders' meeting for Thames Division at Woodstock on Saturday 03 September 2016.
Barclay Lawrence, Jeremy Gibbs, Paul Wiltshire, Harry Shaw, Paul Gausden, Guy Farrow, and David Youkee were all received as Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. The first point of The Sanctuary was conducted by John Jarvis, and the second by Richard Skym.
A Holy Commandery of the Knights of St. John the Evangelist was formed with Ron Bridger acting as the Most Enlightened Commander. The seven candidates were received into the Order in a most impressive ceremony.
100th Convoction of St. Paul's Conclave
25 Jul 2016
The 100th Convocation of St.Paul's Conclave No.372 was held at Wokingham on Saturday 23 July 2016.
At the meeting, Simon Gillas was admitted as a joining member, and Harry Shaw was Installed as a Knight of the Order by MPS Peter Lloyd.
Their next meeting on Saturday 01 October is to have a full team visit from the Intendant-General and the active divisional officers of the year.
(L-R) Harry Shaw, The Intendant-General, Peter Lloyd, and Simon Gillas
Thames Division Support Middlesex
18 Jul 2016
The Intendant-General was accompanied to the Annual Conclave of Middlesex at Cole Court, Twickenham on 16 July by four of his active Divisional Officers.
Whilst most took the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the meeting. Charles Woodward stood in as organist and provided suitable music for the proceedings.
(L-R) P.Kt. Gabriel Wright, Div' Herald, P.Kt. Keith Horne, Div' Sword Bearer, R.Ill.Kt. Alan Baverstock,
V.Ill.Kt. Charles Woodward, Div' Organist and Past Deputy I.G. P.Kt. Anthony Perkins, Div' Junior General
£2,500 Donation to Helen and Douglas House
13 Jul 2016
The Intendant-General was delighted to present a cheque for £2,500 on behalf of the Grand Sovereign's Care for Children Fund to Helen and Douglas House hospice.
Following a tour of the hospice, the I-G stated the he was impressed with the facilities that are specially designed to provide hospice care for children and young adults, and their ethos of making every life a full life, and every death a dignified death.
He was pleased that Freemasonry in general and the Red Cross of Constantine in particular, were able to contribute towards the running costs of over £5m per annum.
Intendant-General Stands In as Candidate At Banbury
11 Jul 2016
Queen Mary Conclave No. 444 were unable to secure a candidate for their meeting on Friday 08 July 2016, and therefore decided to rehearse the ceremony. The Intendant-General R.Ill Kt.Alan Baverstock, making an informal visit to the Conclave, was delighted to stand in and act as the candidate for the evening. Bill Hall, the Most Puisant Sovereign, and his team conducted an excellent ceremony.
Thames Division at Grand Imperial Conclave
07 Jul 2016
The annual meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave was held at Great Queen Street on Tuesday 05 July 2016.
Thames Division were delighted that their immediate past Intendant-General was invested as Grand Eusebius of the Order, with John Edwards and Brian Hilton both receiving first appointments to Grand Rank.
The Divisional Recorder was in attendance parading with the Grand Sepulchre Guard, and additional support was given by Gabriel Wright and Richard Slade, and of course the Intendant-General.
(L-R) Grand Eusebius - Intendant-General for Thames Division - Grand Sovereign
(L-R) Brian Hilton - Gabriel Wright - Timothy L'Estrange - Alan Baverstock - John Edwards - Richard Slade
(L-R) The Intendant-General and the Divisional Recorder
Two Knights Installed At Marlow
04 Jul 2016
At a convocation of St Helena Conclave No. 518 at Marlow on the 2nd July Guy Farrow and David Youkee were installed as Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine by the Most Puissant Sovereign Richard Skym assisted by his Viceroy Illustrious Knight Brian Miles and the Deputy Intendant-General Very Illustrious Knight Ron Bridger who delivered the oration.
Three Candidates at Woodstock
28 Jun 2016
At the convocation of St. Frideswide Conclave No. 339 held at Woodstock Masonic Hall on Saturday 25 June, Most Puissant Sovereign Peter Rawlings, assisted by the Viceroy, Eminent Knight Ralph Newell, and the Deputy Intendant-General Very Illustrious Knight Ron Bridger, admitted, received, and constituted three companions as Knights of the Illustrious Order.
(L-R) Ron Bridger, Peter Rawlings, the candidates: Barclay Lawrence,
Paul Wiltshire, Jeremy Gibbs, and Ralph Newell
New Intendant-General Installed
09 Jun 2016
The Grand Sovereign, Most Illustrious Knight Graham Leslie Flight, G.C.C., was in attendance at the annual meeting of the Thames Division of the Red Cross of Constantine on Saturday 04 June 2016 at Aylesbury Masonic Hall.
(L-R) Grand Sovereign, Intendant General, Deputy Intendant General
The temple was full to capacity, and the bar area had to be utilised to accommodate all those who wished to dine.
In the morning, the Grand Sovereign installed Right Illustrious Knight Alan John Baverstock as the new Intendant-General for Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. The new Intendant-General then appointed and Installed Very Illustrious Knight Ron Bridger as his Deputy.
During luncheon, the Intendant-General presented the Grand Sovereign with a cheque from the Division for the sum of £500 for his Care for Children Fund. This was immediately followed by Right Illustrious Knight Rodney Staines, K.C.C. in his capacity as Admiral of The University Board of the Korcs, presenting a further cheque for £600.
The afternoon session saw the Intendant-General appointing and investing the Divisional Officers for 2016-17. During his address the Intendant-General paid tribute to his predecessor Right Illustrious Knight The Rev'd Timothy John Nicholas L'Estrange who, at Grand Imperial Conclave in July will be invested as Grand Eusebius of the Order.
Grand Sepulchre Guard
07 Jun 2016
Members of the Grand Sepulchre Guard in
their distinctive white cloaks
On Friday 27 May 2016, at Olney United Reformed Church in Buckinghamshire, the Grand Sepulchre Guard paraded a detachment of 16 members, under the command of the Captain and the Deputy Captain of the Guard.
The Grand Sepulchre Guard is the crack ceremonial unit of our Order, whose highly trained and drilled members provide a bodyguard and an arch of steel for the Grand Sovereign and his representatives at major events. Having been in Thames Division for the consecration of Admiror Gratiam Conclave, they will be back again in one week's time to parade at the installation of our new Intendant-General.
Admiror Gratiam Conclave is Consecrated
07 Jun 2016
On Friday 27 May 2016, at Olney United Reformed Church in Buckinghamshire, the Admiror Gratiam Conclave No. 526 was consecrated. The ceremony was carried out by the Grand Sovereign and the Grand Eusebius, who were accompanied by the Grand High Prelate, the Grand Marshal, the Deputy Grand Marshal, the Assistant Grand Recorder, the Grand Standard Bearers, the Grand Herald, and the Grand Sentinel. The Grand Sepulchre Guard paraded 16 members, including both the Captain and the Deputy Captain.
The Conclave having been consecrated, the Right Illustrious Intendant-General enthroned the first Sovereign, who was V Ill Kt Werner Schwab. The Conclave's name is Latin for "Amazing Grace", the most famous of the eighteenth century "Olney Hymns". The new Conclave will have a dual role, providing a home for local Red Cross Masons in north Buckinghamshire, but also a Conclave for the international Masonic digital community associated with the Internet Lodge, in consequence of which there were several founders from overseas.
Installation at Buckinghamshire Conclave
23 May 2016
On Saturday 21 May 2016 P.Kt. Bob Chevin installed his successor as Most Puissant Sovereign of the Buckinghamshire Conclave No. 469 at Aylesbury. The new Sovereign is M.P.Kt. Roy Hodgson, who suffered a health scare during the past year, making his enthronement all the more of a celebration, after his return to health.
At the enthronement meeting notice of motion was given for a candidate for the next meeting, so the new Sovereign will be straight in at the deep end.
New sword dedicated
23 May 2016
On Saturday 23 April 2016, St George's Day, a new ceremonial sword was presented to the Thames Division by its oldest Conclave, St Frideswide Conclave No 339. The presentation was made by R.Ill.Kt. Rodney Staines, our former Intendant-General, to our present Intendant-General, R.Ill.Kt. the Rev'd Timothy L'Estrange. The sword was dedicated by the Divisional High Prelate, W.Kt. the Rev'd Salvador Lloret-Farina, who also delivered a splendid oration to mark the occasion. The new sword will now be used in procession at Divisional Conclave, and at special events including the bi-annual church service.
The picture shows the Divisional Sword Bearer holding the new sword, between the present and past Intendants-General
A New Intendant-General
19 May 2016
New Intendant-General
Alan Baverstock
The Grand Sovereign has given notice of his intention to instal our current Divisional Marshal, Alan Baverstock, as our new Intendant-General at Aylesbury on Saturday 4 June 2016.
Bookings for this event, and the luncheon which follows, are now open. Members should contact the Divisional Recorder, or their Conclave Recorder, for details and the necessary booking form.
We look forward to an exciting new chapter in the life of our Division.
Farewell to our leader
March 2016
It has been announced that our Intendant-General will be standing down from his post with effect from midnight on Friday 3 June.
Whilst we are sad to be loosing our leader, we are delighted that his resignation is occasioned by his promotion to be the new Grand Eusebius of our Order - the "number 3" position in our ruling Grand Imperial Council.
Our new Intendant-General will be installed by the Grand Sovereign at our annual divisional meeting on Saturday 4 June.
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