Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire OSM at Grand Conclave
14 Nov 2019
Freemasons' Hall was the venue for a very busy and successful meeting of the Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor and the Province of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire was well represented, supporting Wy Bro Dr Silverio Ostrowski, who was honoured with a Grand Rank promotion to the active rank of Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, Wy Bro Nick Smith to the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer and Wy Bro Paul Sumhedo to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer and our very own Wy Bro Ron Bridger who has risen to the lofty heights of Past Grand Registrar, though he received this appointment from another Province.
Congratulations to all for these well deserved Grand Rank promotions and appointments.
(L-R) Rt Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Richard Assenheim, Paul Sumhedo,
Peter Gilkes (standing), Simon Gillas, Dr Silverio Ostrowski and Terry Cox;
The mysterious photographer on the day was Ron Bridger!
Members of Oxfordshire Berkshire and Buckinghamshire after a splendid meeting at Freemasons Hall
Banbury Conclave, where talent abounds
03 Nov 2019
When the Installing Officer can't make the installation meeting, a Conclave has to rely on its supply of talent to ensure the new Supreme Ruler is installed in the correct manner and the members of Banbury Conclave rallied to the cause and installed Wy Bro John Nicholls as Supreme Ruler for 2019/2020 in excellent style.
Under the direction of DC Wy Bro Terry Cox, V.Wy Bro Peter Gilkes and Wy Bro Paul Robertson undertook the ceremony of installation, The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R. Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff commissioned the newly installed Supreme Ruler, while John Williams delivered the address.
An excellent meeting was rounded off with a splendid festive board.
(L-R) Wy Bro John Nicholls and R.Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff
Wychwood Conclave Meeting
22 Apr 2018
Photo below of the latest Wychwood OSM meeting where the PrGSR, Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff presented the SR, Wy Bro Ian Wright with a SR's Jewel which was first worn by the conclave second SR in 1968. It is a beautiful Jewel and Ian will wear it whilst visiting other conclaves.
The Provincial Grand Recorder is installed in the chair of Oxford Conclave
25 Nov 2018
And about time too, many may say!
In a very enjoyable meting held at Woodstock Masonic Hall, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Rt Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff, accompanied by his Deputy, V Wy Bro Richard Owen, together with a the provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of Warwickshire, Rt Wy Bro Trevor Cavill, his deputy, V Wy Bro Maxwell Pipe and a plethora of Warwickshire Provincial Officers, not forgetting Rt Wy Bro John Tewson, who with less than an hour's notice stepped in and installed Wy Bro Ivor Hawkins as Supreme Ruler of the Oxford Conclave, due to the current Supreme Ruler going down with "double man flu"!
Following the installation the new Supreme Ruler then went on to Induct W.Bro. Ewan Gordon into the order in his own inimitable style, the ceremony was conducted with due solemnity and a pinch of good humour. All those present, especially the Warwickshire team, had an excellent time followed by a splendid lunch.
(L-R) Rt Wy Bro Trecor Cavill, PGSR Warwickshire, V Wy Bro Richard Own DPGSR,
Wy Bro Ivor Hawkins Supreme Ruler, Rt Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff PGSR and
V Wy Bro Maxwell Pipe DPGSR Warwickshire
(L-R) Rt Wy Bro Bernie Wegerhoff PGSR, Wy Bro Ivor Hawkins Supreme Ruler,
Bro Ewan Gordon and Rt Wy Bro John Tewson (Warwickshire)
Annual Provincial Sunday Luncheon
17 Nov 2018
On Sunday 14th October the annual Provincial Sunday Luncheon was held under the Banner of Banbury Conclave No. 298, an excellent lunch was enjoyed by all. The next Sunday luncheon will be held under the banner of Oxford Conclave No. 331 in Woodstock next year.
Grand Conclave
18 Nov 2018
A merry band of our brethren having a good time at Grand Conclave on 8th November.
Banbury Conclave No. 298 Installation
28 Oct 2018
On the 23rd Oct 2018 Wy.Bro. Keith Horne was installed as SR of Banbury Conclave No. 298 by Wy.Bro. Paul Robertson.
(L-R) R.Wy.Bro. Bernie Wegerhoff PrGSR, Wy.Bro. Keith Horne and Wy.Bro. Paul Robertson
Wychwood Conclave Installation
15 Oct 2018
On Thursday the 27th September the new Supreme Ruler, Wy.Bro. Ian Wright was installed by Wy.Bro. Allan Jenkins into the chair of the Wychwood Conclave, the ceremony was enjoyed by more than 30 brethren and was followed by an excellent Burford festive board.
(L-R) Bro. Philip Hiles, Wy Bro. Ian wright,
R.Wy Bro. Bernd Wegerhoff, Wy Bro. Christopher Walker
Enigma Conclave No. 472 Meeting
09 Sep 2018
On Friday 7th of September Wy.Bro. Peter Gilkes was installed into the Chair of the Enigma Conclave No. 472 by R.Wy. Bro. Richard Mussell (Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of Gloucestershire & Herefordshire), the installing Supreme Ruler. The excellent ceremony was witnessed by 23 brethren.
After the meeting an excellent festive board was enjoyed by all.
(L-R) Wy.Bro. Andrew Pickwick, V.Wy.Bro. Richard Owen, Wy.Bro. Peter Gilkes,
R.Wy. Bro. Richard Mussell, R.Wy. Bro. Bernd Wegerhoff
Installation of the new Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
18 Feb 2018
Saturday 10th February saw the installation of the new Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for the Order of the Secret Monitor.
145 brethren from East of Scotland to the Channel Islands joined the Grand Conclave Team and Brethren from our Province at the meeting in Bletchley.
The first photograph show the Grand Supreme Ruler M.Wy.Bro. Andrew Sweeney, the newly installed Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler R.Wy.Bro. Bernie Wegerhoff and the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler V.Wy.Bro. Richard Byron Owen.
The other photographs show all the brethren enjoying a very jovial festive board.
Wychwood Conclave No. 198 - 50th Anniversary
19 Nov 2017
The Wychwood Conclave No. 198 celebrated the 50th Anniversary since its founding on 3rd July 1967 at a meeting held on Thursday 28th September 2017. During the meeting a Lecture on the founding of the Wychwood Conclave No. 198 was presented by Wy.Bro. Nick Smith, PGBB.
Founding of the Wychwood Conclave
The occasion was marked by a presentation of a 50th Anniversary Certificate from Grand Conclave. The Certificate was presented on behalf of Most Worthy Brother Paul Raymond Clement, Grand Supreme Ruler by Very Worthy Brother Richard Byron Owen, Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for the Province of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to Wy Bro. Allan Jenkins, Supreme Ruler of the Conclave.
(L-R) V.Wy.Bro. Richard Byron Owen, DPrGSR, presenting a 50th Anniversary Certificate to
Wy.Bro. Allan Jenkins Supreme Ruler of the Wychwood Conclave No. 198
OSM Annual Provincial Lunch
09 Sep 2017
The Wokingham Conclave No 293 was honoured on Sunday 3rd September to host the 10th Annual Provincial Lunch at their newly decorated Masonic Hall.
The very informal lunch was presided over by Very Worthy Brother Richard Byron Owen and attend by members and partners from the 7 Conclaves which make up the Province of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Together with guests from as far as the Channel Islands they enjoyed a super Lunch of Mini Game Pie, Roast Leg of Lamb and Tiramisu Trifle. The very convivial gathering was further enhanced by the ladies having a tour around the temple.
Order of the Secret Monitor of Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Annual Meeting
19 Feb 2017
On Saturday 11th February, the annual meeting of Order of the Secret Monitor, Provincial Grand Conclave of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire was held at the Masonic Centre in Bletchley.
The meeting was attended by 89 brethren travelling from as far as Cornwall and East Scotland, tribute to the high esteem that they hold the Prov. Grand Supreme Ruler R.Wy.Bro. David Jesson.
After the Provincial officers were appointed for the ensuing year, the brethren collected the sum of £331.75 for the M.S. Society, the charity chosen by the executive of the Province.
After the end of the meeting the brethren enjoyed a very lively festive board in the newly decorated dining hall at the Bletchley centre by eating a lovely meal.
After the usual speeches the brethren departed hopefully to enjoy at least some of the rugby that was on television that afternoon and feeling well satisfied by what had been witnessed.
The photographs show the brethren enjoying the festive board.
Chiltern Conclave No. 521 Meeting
18 Jul 2016
On Tuesday 12th July the Chiltern Conclave No. 521 saw the installation of Wy. Bro. Gareth Rafique as Supreme Ruler for the ensueing year. The ceremony was undertaken by the outgoing Supreme Ruler Wy. Bro. Anthony Nimmo in an excellent fashion, assisted by a number of other brethren.
20 members and visitors enjoyed the meeting and a very convivial festive board. The next meeting of the Conclave will be on Monday 17th October 2016.
Photograph shows the newly installed Suprem Ruler being congratulated by R.Wy. Bro. David Kenneth Jesson.
Chiltern Conclave No. 521 Meeting
21 Oct 2015
At the OSM meeting of Chiltern Conclave No. 521, we were honoured by the R Wy Bro David Jesson the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who presented a certificate to Wy Bro Tony Nimmo in recognition of his 3rd degree and commissioned a supreme ruler in the order.
(L-R) R Wy Bro David Jesson and Wy Bro Tony Nimmo
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