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I am working with a team of Assistant Provincial Membership officers to deliver these objectives as part of the 2020 team, headed by our DPGM, W. Bro Neal Spencer.
The PMO function is an initiative being implemented nationwide in every Province under the instruction of UGLE. I am also working closely with PMOs in other Provinces to identify what works and what doesn't elsewhere.
Lodges are encouraged to appoint a Lodge Membership Officer, to directly work with us for the benefit of his Lodge.
Main Objective: - to provide a focus for lodge recruitment. To support and assist lodges and Lodge Membership officers to implement their lodge and the Province's recruitment objectives and target the 'four Rs': recruitment; retention; rejuvenation; and reconnection.
Use of our services and support is entirely voluntary, but we would ask lodges to be open-minded and at least listen to our suggestions. What and how any of this is implemented is down to the lodge and its members. Our sole aim is to protect and grow lodges in our Province, to secure their long term survival. I am also working closely with Provincial Membership Officers in other Provinces to identify what works and what doesn’t elsewhere.
1) Recruitment
 To identify sources of candidates.
 To identify potential candidates within those sources.
 To work directly and with Lodge Membership Officers to recruit those potential candidates.
 To assist Lodge Membership Officers to bring those potential candidates through to Initiation.
 In conjunction with the Provincial Grand Mentor, to support and assist the Lodge Mentor to lead the new member through his three degrees and then to keep him enthused about and involved in the lodge which he has joined, and Freemasonry in general.
 To advise and assist with initiatives to attract candidates, such as social media campaigns, websites, open days, press interaction, attendance of public events and community activities.
 To liaise and work with Visiting Officers.
Where appropriate the new member's proposer and seconder should also be involved in the continued masonic education and involvement of the new member.
2) Education
 To educate members in how to articulate to potential candidates just what Freemasonry is, what it means to them, and what they get out of it.
 To collate feedback from lodges regarding what works and what doesn't in this respect.
3) Social programmes
 To encourage lodges to run a full and varied social programme; to recruit and retain members.
 To act as a vehicle whereby potential new members can get a flavour of the lodge and meet its members before joining.
 Allow spouses/ partners to become involved in the life of the lodge.
 Some events could be run in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Light Blues.
 Lodges encouraged to appoint a Light Blues Representative; to work with representatives of other lodges and forge cross lodge relationships.
4) Rejuvenation and reconnection
 In conjunction with the Lodge Mentor encourage reconnection with members who have not been attending lodge.
 What is the reason members have not been attending and is there anything that can be done to assist their return?
 To work with lodges to identify ways of involving move members in lodge activities to reignite and maintain their enthusiasm.
If you or your lodge would like any assistance, advice or for me or one of my assistants to visit you, please contact me.
W.Bro. David Robinson
Oxfordshire Provincial Membership Officer (PMO)
Tel: 07734 206910
Twitter: @freemason_3831.