The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons
Launch of 2025 Festival of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Oxfordshire
On Sunday 19th August, the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. His Honour Ian Alexander Q.C. and his wife Mrs Rosemary Alexander hosted a Garden Party at The Folly Fifield, their home in North Oxfordshire. The PGM thanks all who came. The event was well-attended by nearly 60 Mark Master Masons, their partners and guests from around the Province, including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Ian Wright P.G.S.D and his wife Wendy and Past Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Geoffrey Redman-Brown with his wife Jean. We were delighted that the Provincial Grand Master for Berkshire, R.W. Bro. Richard Olliver (who gave a generous response to the Toast the guests) and his wife Margaret were able to attend.
The Provincial Grand Master used the occasion to have a "soft launch" of the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) Oxfordshire 2025 Festival. The event itself raised over £5,000 in part due to the generous donations before and immediately after. This has given a tremendous kick start to the Festival. Since when, monies have already started to be raised and pledged by Lodges and individuals. The Provincial Grand Master spoke of the wonderful work that the MBF does and the PGM for the Mark Province of Berkshire, who hosted the 2017 MBF Festival, offered his Province's full support to Oxfordshire. There will be hard, but rewarding, work ahead over the next 7 years leading up to the Festival in 2025.
In his address the PGM took up the words of the Grand Secretary at the recent presentation of Blood Bikes at Birmingham "we should all be proud to be Mark Master Masons". The PGM pointed out the amount of money raised for the MBF through our Festivals, and otherwise, enables us to do an enormous amount of real good, not only in supporting our own members and dependants when needed, but also playing a vital part in the community at large. The PGM said he was proud to be a Mark Master Mason and proud to be your PGM. No target figure has been set but he said he is confident that the Oxfordshire Province will by 2025 have raised an amount which we enable us to be excited and proud of our joint efforts.
All who attended the Garden Party had a thoroughly good time. The Great Overseer of the Universe was kind enough to give as good weather. The cost was kept to a minimum by obtaining tents, tables and chairs from the local village halls and churches for a modest amount. Thanks must go to Tony Judd and his team of helpers who attended on Saturday afternoon to erect the tents tables and chairs and indeed to take them back after the event. Thanks are also due to those who helped on the day in many various ways. However the biggest saving was made by Rosemary, her daughter Victoria, and several other ladies who supplied and served a top class lunch which if done by outside caterers would not have been so good and would have wiped out the profits. A huge dollop of thanks is owed to them as is also owed to Brother John Grout who supplied magnificent prizes for a raffle which raised £500.
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The Mark Province of Oxfordshire was constituted in 1994, when it was split from the joint province with Berkshire and consists of 13 Mark Lodges and 10 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges with a total Mark membership of approximately 450. Although it is one of the smaller provinces, it does mean that members know each other well, creating a very happy Province.
The aim of this section of the website is to provide information about the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees to our members, to the Masonic world who are not members of the Mark degree and to the rest of the world who are not Masons.
The website shows the locations and dates of the meetings of our Lodges as well as upcoming social events and our charitable side.
I am sure you will find this site helpful and informative but if you want further information about the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees, the Province or any of our Lodges please contact us.
I hope you will find our website both interesting and informative.
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